The rich and romantic language of flowers has long inspired the design of Graff jewellery. It naturally follows that this most classic of decorative details is equally appropriate in timekeeping, as Graff’s new Floral Tourbillon collection of watches elegantly demonstrates. Great consideration has gone into not only the watches’ flora-inspired forms, but their feel, finish and equilibrium, requiring continuous dialogue and collaboration between the London atelier and the artisans in Geneva.

The result is a beautifully designed watch, adorned with flowers that rotate on themselves and featuring softly rounded hands. But the true luxury is in the details. The enamel flowers are created using an ancient yet extremely challenging process, resulting in a colour that is exclusive to each individual watch.

Once the colours have been perfected by the artist (this frequently takes many tests) a dial can take up to fifty hours to complete. The same maker is also responsible for hand-cutting each one of the flowers from white gold, before hand treating and painting every petal.