In an extraordinary feat of intricate craftsmanship, Graff’s master watchmakers have created the Graff Floral timepiece, an exquisite watch featuring the balletic dance of captivating, colourful flowers. Three of the enchanting blossoms positioned at 8 o’ clock, 10 o’ clock and 1 o’ clock continuously rotate, in a graceful, hypnotic and mesmerising display of horological prowess and lively elegance.

This romantic and feminine design combines all of the world’s most complex métiers d’art techniques: enamel painting, micro-painting and extraordinarily intricate diamond setting – bringing the world’s most sophisticated artisanal savoir-faire to an extremely wearable timepiece.

Our enduring fascination with colour spans all cultures, all centuries – with different shades influencing us in surprising ways, stimulating our senses, evoking meaning and inspiring a range of emotions.

The Graff Floral is available in four distinct colourways: pink, blue, purple and white. Each of these timepieces displays a distinct persona, ranging from the calm, serene tones of the blue dial, to the fiery, passionate hues upon the pink dial; reflecting the myriad personalities of Graff’s varied female clientele.
Ever influenced by nature’s bounteous flora and fauna, the flowers upon the new Graff Floral timepiece take their inspiration from the exquisite gardens at the Delaire Graff Estate, South Africa, where vibrant and vivacious blooms grow in rich abundance.

The enamel flowers are created using an ancient yet extremely challenging process, whereby master craftsmen hand-cut each flower from white gold before enameling each petal. The artisan must perfect the precise hue of each bloom by hand, resulting in entirely unique shades for each dial. Each watch face becomes an individual work of art, requiring up to fifty hours of work to complete.

Great consideration has gone into not only the watches’ flora-inspired dials, but their feel, finish and equilibrium, which are the result of a harmonious collaboration between Graff’s London atelier and our Swiss watchmakers.
Featuring a scintillating pavé diamond bezel, with pavé diamonds also set upon the bridge, the Graff Floral timepiece is the perfect companion to Graff’s many floral inspired jewellery collections.