Franck Dubarry goes one step further with the innovative Crazy Wheel 2 . A collection made for extreme sport performance and avant-garde design afi cionados. This in-house movement is re-engineered to display a second time zone on a disruptive reading level. In opposition with other GMT watches where second time zone is diffi cult to read, the CW02 off ers a unique graphically engineered second time zone that gravitates around the dial with local time in order to immediately tell the owner, what time it is at home.

This watch has been designed for the modern Sportsman who also wants to keep in mind “family time zone” with “local time display”. The sleek design of the case is made of Titanium Grade 5 and diff erent types of colored carbon, highlighting lines inspired by the automotive industry. Innovative fi re resistant material for the strap (NOMEX®).


Franck Dubarry unveils a brandnew case design, with an innovative case architecture made of titanium, vulcanized rubber, composite colored layered carbon or weaved carbon fi ber. Inspired by the automotive industry and by the original Crazy Wheel collection, the sleek lines highlight a lightweight case made of technological materials & polymers, protecting the movement from extreme shocks.


The in-house 360° fl ying bridge has been completely re-engineered to display two diff erent time zones. The Home-time can be read at the tip of the hour hand carrying the the 360° sub dial now indicating the Local-time on a twelve-hour revolution. A mechanical diff erential allows the disc to remain horizontal while telling the diff erent time zones. The minute hand rotates freely around the dial.


The patented polymer Nomex®, mainly used in space, aeronautics or racing, is a heat, chemical and radiation resistant fabric. Franck Dubarry unveils an exclusive strap design made with Nomex®, with a quickrelease feature allowing his owner to easily change the strap to any other material provided in the future.