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Jim Nantz is one of the most iconic and well-respected commentators in professional sports. With his prolific career comes the demands of frequent travel, which Jim manages with NetJets’ exceptional private jet services.

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“Virtually, every week of my life, I get on a plane and I go to the next great game or golf tournament. NetJets has been a game changer for me. It truly put extra years into my life and my career. I felt like all along, NetJets was an investment in my career. My career has gotten to a point where it’s about right now, figuring out a way to conserve time. It is a crucial part of being able to pull off the idea of living on the west coast and how you can fly out of Louisburg, West Virginia after calling the golf tournament in Greenbriar. I can land in the Monterrey Bay California in less than 4 hours after that. I get on the plane and I sit in total comfort. I can sit back, enjoy the flight, be taken care of. I’m going to get there quickly and I’m going to get there safely. It’s almost impossible to quantify how much that’s worth to you- I don’t take it lightly. I value it and it’s a really important part of where I am at this station of life.”
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