Explore Istanbul in 72 hours with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Explore Istanbul, Turkey with Sarah Cox (@sarahalmaza), a Canadian entrepreneur with a passion for adventure, history, and fashion in a life-changing experience. If you only had 72 hours to explore Istanbul, what would you do? Four Seasons invites you to discover the inspiring city and will curate the ultimate itinerary for you to experience it all.

Although Ankara is the capital of the republic, Istanbul remained its capital of arts, film, and literature. In a city rich in history, you can visit vibrant museums and historical sites which help tell Istanbul’s story. Explore iconic landmarks including the Galata Tower, overlooking the Halic, or boat along the Golden Horn for an incredible view along the water. Walk through the cobblestone streets sporting a dress made by a local Turkish designer. Share a drink and stories with friends while marveling at the views of the Hagia Sophia on the Sultanahmet rooftop on the A’Ya Terrace.

Join Sarah on her transformative trip as she shares the story of her personalized journey through Istanbul. Sarah Cox notes that she was fortunate to “experience the culture in the ways I like to which is through history, art, fashion, and food.” One of her most memorable moments was being styled by Ceylan Atinç in a custom wardrobe from one of her favourite local Turkish designers. She highlights the private dinner and art history tour of the Ottoman Mansions and Palaces by the celebrated author of Ottoman Chic, Serdar Gülgün, which was one of her most extraordinary experiences to date. By connecting with local art historians, artists, and stylists, she was able to immerse herself in the city and get out of her comfort zone. So much can be discovered in three days. No matter how long, Four Seasons in Istanbul awaits your stay.

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