june, 2016


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From June 7 to 12 at Beaulieu Theater, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne will present two exclusive creations, Giorgio Madia’s Swan Song and Julio Arozarena’s Corps-circuit. And to cap it all, the company will perform Maurice Béjart’s Boléro and Gil Roman’s Anima blues. On this occasion, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne also unveils his new logo. A contemporary and elegant visual created by WGR agency.

Four choreographers for a show highlighting artistic creation.
The evenings will begin with Corps-circuit by Julio Arozarena, BBL ballet master. Fourth piece of the cuban-born choreographer, this creation is a choreographic research on connections, visible or invisible, between bodies. That body that Michel Foucault described in Utopian Body as: “My body, in fact, is always elsewhere. It is tied to all the elsewhere of the world. My body is like the City of the Sun. It has no place, but it is from all the possible places, real or utopian, emerge and radiate.”

With the “carte blanche” that Gil Roman gave him, Italian choreographer and former dancer of the BBL, Giorgio Madia creates Swan Song, a ballet inspired by Béjart’s artistic legacy and tailor-made for the artistic director. Of the original and primitive meaning of dance, the choreographer keeps joy, vital energy and the love of music to create his own language. Using Béjart’s interviews, Giorgio Madia wonders about the influence of the master on his own experience, but moreover on the relationship with creators that we love, admire, that fascinate and inspire us, and then that we betray to take the creation elsewhere. Gil Roman will perform the main role of this creation, because for Madia, “he is the link between the past, the present and the future of Béjart’s legacy”.

After the break, dancers of the BBL will present Anima blues, “road ballet” by Gil Roman created in 2013 at Lausanne Opera. Mixing Audrey Hepburn’s voice with compositions by music-band Citypercussion, this blues ballad on the theme of “anima” (a concept that the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung defined being the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses) develops like a trip.

Boléro needs no introduction. Created in Brussels on January 10, 1961, on Ravel’s music, this masterpiece by Maurice Béjart is full of powerful sensualism, almost animal, a game of seduction and desire between “the Melody” and “the Rythm”, speaks for himself, expressing with great intensity the essential!


7 (Tuesday) 12:00 am - 12 (Sunday) 12:00 am



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