october, 2016

06oct09octALINGHI GC32HYT

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A new competition in 2015, the Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour brings together seven teams from Europe and the US for exhilarating, high-performance racing on of the world’s fastest one-designs.

The GC32 is a foiling catamaran, meaning that the hulls soar above – rather than through – the water at huge speeds: in fact, a GC32 has been recorded at 39.2 knots. Such technology is, typically, only available to America’s Cup competitors. The GC32 is, effectively, a scaled-down version, but – critically – it is much easier to sail and to run. It is also a whole lot cheaper. This all means that the Bullitt Tour is able to bring this cutting-edge, ultra-exciting racing to new audiences across the world. It’s also racing that takes place on a level playing field, with the one-design principle absolutely central to the competition’s ethos.

One of the Bullitt Tour’s guiding beliefs is that it is driven by the teams, who have helped derive the class’s format with the GC32 International Class Association, the President of which is Swiss former Olympic Star sailor, Flavio Marazzi. The 2015 Tour will see a series of four-day events at venues across Europe. Where possible, racing will take place close to the shore to give spectators the best possible view of these flying machines.    

The Alinghi GC32 crew is: Ernesto Bertarelli and Morgan Larson, sharing helming duties, Nicolas Charbonnier (Tactician), Pierre-Yves Jorand (Mainsail), Nils Frei (Trim) and Yves Detrey (Bow).


6 (Thursday) 12:00 am - 9 (Sunday) 12:00 am



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