Winter is drawing near and the days are getting shorter. Fog, cold air and snow are back to herald the darkest season of them all… but that’s no reason to stop enjoying your favourite outdoor activities! Bern-based watchmaker traser has the perfect equipment to bring light to the darkness for every outdoor enthusiast. Proprietary trigalight self-illumination technology makes traser’s timepieces the perfect companions for adventures during the darkest time of year.

If you love chasing the thrill of adventure, you won’t be deterred from outdoor activities even in darkness and freezing temperatures. Whether they’re out leaving tracks in pristine snow on the slopes at dawn, or climbing a summit on touring skis at dusk, fans of the great outdoors aren’t afraid to face the challenges that winter brings. Mountain climbers who like to test their limits need a timepiece they can rely on 100%, especially in the darkest season of the year. With its robust, functional watches, the Bern-based watchmaker traser has created the perfect companions for every outdoor activity – no matter the time or the season.

traser P67

Wear a little freedom on your wrist

With its two functional watch models, the P96 OdP Evolution Chrono and the P67 Officer Pro Chronograph, traser can provide every lover of the great outdoors with the perfect companion for any winter adventure. So whether you deliberately leave your phone at home during winter camping in the great outdoors or get caught in a snowstorm while snowshoeing, a glance at your wrist will tell you if it’s time to make your way home. traser watches give you the gift of a little more freedom, even during the coldest and darkest of seasons – the freedom to decide what to do and where to go every day and night of the year. Whether while jogging, snowshoeing or ice climbing, traser’s timepieces are sure to suit every adventure, no matter the hour.


Let there be light – all thanks to tiny glass capillaries

The key feature that makes these functional Swiss-made watches truly indispensable can be found inside, because traser’s watches offer a unique benefit: their hands and hour markers permanently glow in complete darkness, always allowing the wearer to tell the time, even in poor visibility. This is achieved thanks to traser’s proprietary trigalight self-illumination technology, for which the world’s smallest gas light sources were developed by its parent company mb-microtec. These tritium-filled glass tubes require no external energy source and deliver constant luminescence day and night for decades.