XCAT racing is the world’s most thrilling offshore powerboat series and now Swiss watchmaker Edox is along for the ride. Edox will partner Team Australia as its pilots, Pal Virik Nilsen and Brett Luhrmann, look to capture the 2019 world championship. The XCAT twin V6 multi-hulls, made from advanced carbon technology, roar across the water at close to 200km/h; racing them requires courage and superb seamanship and split-second timing. Edox will release a striking new chronograph to mark the new era with the “Blue Roo” team.

The Edox Automatic Chronograph Carbon (45mm) is powered by an Edox Calibre 011 chronograph movement, based on the Sellita SW500. With a carbon case and 500m waterresistant rating, the Automatic Chronograph Carbon won’t miss a beat in the rough-and-tough, adrenaline-fuelled theatre of XCAT. Available in four colour variants, all featuring a transparent caseback allowing the full view on the movement, the Automatic Chronograph Carbon is another superb example of precision watchmaking from Edox.

Edox uses a newly engineered material much more resistant to scratches and general wear than normal carbon. Made of ceramic layer forged in resin with strains of black carbon and glass fibers, it gives as well a distinctive color and texture.