It’s been just over three weeks since pilots Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones set out on their epic round-the-world journey. Fresh from New York, they have been busy, trekking across the United States in their iconic Spitfire, and stops in Texas, Las Vegas and finally Santa Monica have dominated their schedule over the last few days.

DATE: September, 2

STOP OVER: New York – Santa Monica


“What a week! After bidding farewell to the Manhattan skyline and giving the Statue of Liberty a wave goodbye, we set to work making up some more kilometres. Luckily, the weather was firmly on our side and we had a productive few days making it out to Beaver County before continuing onwards.

IWC_Longest Flight_Stamp_CANYON

“However, just as we were getting into the groove, a temperature gauge failed in the cockpit at 8,500 feet, and we were forced to break our flow. Despite the technical difficulties, the guys at Comanche Ranch in Texas were perfect hosts, and whilst the problem was fixed, we had a wonderful day or so of respite, enjoying some amazing food.

“On our departure, we had the greatest send-off you can imagine. Two members of Houston’s brilliant Horsemen Flight Team flew up alongside us as we left Texas. It was such an honour to share the skies with two other stunning warbirds, as we continued our journey in our own beautiful aircraft.

IWC_Longest Flight_Stamp_CANYON

“Pressing on, we soon arrived in Nevada, and flying over the Grand Canyon at 3,000 feet was absolutely sensational. We also had a bird’s-eye view of the Las Vegas Strip, which was just as impressive. We couldn’t stop for long, and we eventually arrived in Santa Monica on August 28th. We will be here for a few days, before heading up to Vancouver.


“As we enjoy this brief hiatus, we’d really like to say how overwhelmed we’ve been by the warmth and generosity of the support we have experienced so far. The reception we and, of course, G-IRTY have received along the way has been quite simply fantastic, and we really want to thank all of our supporters for coming out to wish us well.”