Stacking by Messika

Clustering, piling, mixing and matching, or new ways of stacking jewelry has a spectacular effect. Have fun with your bracelets, rings and pendants. The key is to playfully pair the endless combinations and variations which are infinitely interchangeable.

Valerie Messika has defined a new way to wear jewelry. Whereas previously, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings were worn as a set, stacking is the latest trend.

Messika Jewelry Stacking

In keeping with what is referred to as the ‘neoporte trend,’ the designer has developed different designs which complement each other with a touch of modernity. The instantly recognizable ‘mix and match’ pairings can be found in the looks created by Valerie Messika. An accumulation of chain bracelets and bangles, studs, hoops and long earrings, rings worn across knuckles and fingers, chokers, chain necklaces and pendants stacked one on top of each and layered… the time to have fun with diamond jewelry has finally come!


Valerie Messika invites you to stack, mix and match Messika sets of earrings in a modern way. A current trend consists of wearing jewels along the auricle of the ear. The lobe is no longer the only part of the ear to shine with diamonds.

Without any need to create a new piercing to achieve the ‘rock’n’diamonds’ look, Valerie Messika has re-imagined bold diamond designs as a comfortable clip with an ergonomic fit.

Messika Stacking