Interview by WP, at DIFC during the Dubai Watch Week


Thank you for taking the time for an interview here at the Dubai Watch Week

Carine Maillard:

You’re welcome.


I would like to know more about the partnership with the GPHG.

How important is it to be present here in the Middle East to showcase these watches ?

What feedback did you receive after this week of exhibition here at the DIFC ?

Carine Maillard:

We organize a road show every year. We went to Seoul this year, as well as Rome. Then, to Geneva with the pre-selected watches. Now, we're here with the winners. We change the destination every year. We go quite often to Asia, a little less to Europe, and we always try to have a destination in the Middle East or in India. We had an exhibition in New Delhi in 2014. We were already here in Dubai with the pre-selected watches last year, and in 2013. It’s very important to be in Dubai because the event reaches all of the Middle East. And as part of the Dubai Watch Week, it’s all the better because all the journalists are here, and everyone gathers here.

There has been a lot of buzz around the winner watches.


Indeed. I really think we witnessed the success of these winning watches this year, which are all presented here at the Dubai Watch Week. 

Will this be something we can anticipate to be done every year in partnership with the Dubai Watch Week?

Carine Maillard:

We were here with the Seddiqi family even before the first edition of the Dubai Watch Week. Maybe that is partly what made them come up with the idea of doing something bigger like this year’s event. I hope that it will continue. We don't know if they'll want to do it again next year, but I think they might. There is no reason to not do it. For us, there is no reason not to be part of it either. It’s a great event and a wonderful organization. So, we will in any case continue for another few years.


In terms of promoting the image of Switzerland, how important is the Dubai Watch Week.

Carine Maillard:

The GPHG is a non-profit foundation. We have the promotion of the watchmaking sector as a whole, as our main mission, as well as all the watchmaking creativity. The idea is to promote watchmaking as an art. This platform is great because it is a cultural and educational event with the Forum, the Panels, the Workshops, the Creative hubs.


Do you prefer the Forum or the Creative hubs?

Carine Maillard:

I like both. It's kind of two different experiences, but I think we need them both.  We learn different things in the Forum than in the Creative hub. The two formats are, in my opinion, excellent and need to be repeated. In any case, this is the second year that we are here and everything is very well done, it’s a great event to talk about the watchmaking industry and Swiss watches.


Regarding the Dubai Mall and the FHH exposition. Can we say that there is a link being made between the GPHG and then the FHH here in Dubai ?

Carine Maillard:

Yes, hopefully. I think we're in an era where we have to cooperate, and for the GPHG, the focus is to bring together all parties. That is our message. It is to “federate” the brands, to work in an unifying spirit, to bring together all of the watchmaking world if possible. In the watch industry like in others there is quite a lot of competition, and it is often difficult to gather all the brands. With our travelling exhibition of the preselected watches we organize each year a unique exhibition where more than 40 different brands are showcased together. Generally, you have to push a lot of doors to see all of these watches from different brands. So yes: it totally speaks to us and we hope to cooperate with the FHH as much as we can, to find synergies where posssible. We're quite delighted that with the FHH, there is no competition at all. In fact, the exhibition the FHH present at the Dubai Mall is very different than what we present. On the contrary, it’s a good thing. It's complementary.


Thank you very much for the interview

Carine Maillard:

Thank you so much.


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