The upcoming second edition of the event will focus on "Masters of Time", by showcasing the pinnacle of watchmaking achievement through several exhibitions, workshops, watchmaking master classes, forums and VIP events that will take place at the Dubai International Financial Centre and The Dubai Mall. se

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Dubai Watch Week 2016

This year's Dubai Watch Week, the region's only event dedicated to fine horology, has pronounced the theme: The Masters of Time. Two locations are especially set for the occasion: the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), and The Dubai Mall, both of which will be holding exhibitions, forums, workshops and exclusive VIP programs.

From November 15 to 19, the doors at DIFC will open to welcome both exhibitors and enthusiasts, sharing the same love for luxury watches. A special highlight will be given to the educational area of horology, where unique insights will be tackled by a panel made up of the world's most famous watch celebrities.

Dubai Mall, on the other hand, will be lending its space to three event. Two exhibitions, The Masters of Time and Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock, are to be held inside the spacious area along with the HH Academy & Certification program.

It is the second take of Dubai Watch Week; following its remarkable success last year, organizers have put on their full gear to cultivate the tastes and knowledge of budding fans and experienced connoisseurs in the art of watchmaking. Here, the event is partnered by none other than the Fondation de Haute Horlogerie, bringing the experts through the rich heritage of this traditional craft. After all, a watch is more than a fine visual piece; inside, it beats with an engineered heart !

More than the usual lecture, workshops are to be held to provide a dynamic, interactive opportunity with the world's most luxurious watch brands.

A great lineup of guest has been revealed, including Alain Zimmerman, CEO of Baume & Mercier; Maximilian Busser, Founder of MB&F; François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet and Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet, among others. Joining them is David Sadigh, Founder and CEO of Digital Luxury Group as well as Group Managing Director of The Hour Glass, Michael Tay. There will be 16 new forum topics, showcasing the industry's best watch icons and personalities, from the mainstream to independent, infusing fresh, new ideas to an audience filled with horological lovers.

It must be noted that the Horology Forum, held in 2015, has asked more than 30 global watch experts converse with 16 different panels. This year, Dubai Watch Week welcomes fresh, addition to that number, thrusting toward an expansion of forum subjects, ranging from historical watchmaking, up to the trendier debates of smartwatches. It is expected that this year's Dubai Watch Week will be of a larger scale compared to the previous year. Visitors from all over the world are invited to join this one of a kind movement that will truly change their perspective about timekeeping. 

Dubai Watch Week is a great coming-together of the keenest horological enthusiasts around the world. Designers, watchmakers, artists, bloggers, start-ups and celebrities join in the celebration of watchmaking, with the aim to enrich the experience, and nurture one’s knowledge of the craft.