DREAMHERS – Emilie Brabon-Hames


Believing that beauty is far more than skin-deep and that any true transformation begins from within, Australian entrepreneur and coach Emilie Brabon-Hames has reached her star by inspiring and pushing women to reach theirs and become the best versions of themselves to unleash their true potential. Emilie is a rapid transformation coach that has worked with celebrities to put them on a healthier track. She is also a nutritional coach and the co-founder of Original Bootcamp, the world’s longest running and most respected military-inspired bootcamp fitness program. Emilie has also published her own highly acclaimed book on fitness, nutrition and motivation called “8 Weeks to WOW”.

“I think inspiration goes two ways. I draw inspiration from those around me, trusting that they, too, are inspired by our interaction in ways that are unique to them.”
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