DREAMHERS – Christine Giampaoli Zonca


Zenith first encountered Italian-Canarian race driver Christine Giampaoli Zonca at the first Extreme E race, of which Zenith is a founding partner and the official timekeeper, and the synergy was immediately felt. Christine has always dreamt of racing, and even chose to complete a degree in motorsports technology. After working at a garage as a mechanic, Christine began participating in local races and rallies in 2014, gaining a handful of podium prizes. Her family weren’t into racing and motorsports at all, so she set out to find her own sponsors and eventually joined Extreme E’s Xite Energy Racing team as one of the two drivers. The concept of electric racing and especially in an off-road setting immediately spoke to her, as it empowers women in the predominantly masculine world of motorsports, where each team has male and female drivers that have to spend the same amount of time behind the wheel. Christine has reached her star against all odds, even when no one believed in her. She’s opening the way for other young women who want to enter the world of racing by showing them that women can have their place in a traditionally male-dominated sport.

“Believing is the biggest thing in passion. If you work hard for it, you’ll get there. We all have to start somewhere!”
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