The world of luxury timepieces is getting larger by the minute. Each year, new pieces are revealed, set to steal hearts in every ticking of the clock. Watch enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the big things, usually going for the classic names whose exemplary pieces have been established by name and make. While the rest of the world hounds for what is usually under the main spotlight, there are other gems that needs to take the stage, such as DeWitt's Lady Pressy.

The launch of the brand's Lady Pressy collection signifies a clear distinction for this Geneva-based company. This year, it promises to release several watch jewelries especially aimed at woman, a demography usually overlooked. Their goal: to produce one of a kind pieces which are resolutely anchored in the 21st century, exuding supreme modernity, while still retaining a sense of nobility and regality. The Lady Pressy beckons for attendance just like a prime lady of the house, debuting a strong presence thanks to its rich aesthetics.  It is, in many sense, beautiful. Its 18k rose gold case deliciously measures 36 mm in diameter, not too small nor big for the hand of a dainty gentlewoman. The two geometric elements on the dial stand out, shaped like a valuable crown, and were tactfully placed at 6 and 12 o'clock. Subtle and undeniably feminine, the Lady Pressy model is made more distinct, thanks to the alternating lines that graphically creates a lavish visual. All is enclosed in a traditional round case covered by a row of round diamonds. The geometric lines, one of the highlights in its daring strap bracelets, make this watch entirely modern. DeWitt notes that a few differences can make a difference, greater ones that can be noticeable.

Housed inside the watch is a self-winding caliber packed with a power reserve of 42 hours, indicating the hours and the minutes. The open worked hands were wrought like double edged swords in rose gold material. A gold bracelet version is embellished with a total of 135 round diamonds.

The collection is made available in different versions. Find the ones that matches your style and flavor: a gold bracelet, red or black alligator strap, a blue or green lacquered mother of pearl dial paired with Roman numerals. Just like a fine watchmaker's tradition, each of these dials have been hand-assemble with care by the artisans in Meyrin, Geneva, diligently following the high standards of the DeWitt brand.