Feast your eyes on this amazing timepiece wonder. Two iconic brands come together to create what is probably the most luxurious of all smartwatches: the fast forward spirit of Samsung, and the deluxe beauty by de Grisogono's tasteful craftsmanship. Here, high tech meets high end; it is no longer a small electronic piece that responds digitally. This particular watch is a glamorous accessory that comes to terms with modern day function. It is a harmonious marriage of two worlds, and sparks the start of what could be termed as a smart jewelry.

This is no ordinary smart watch, and you can recognize it from one glance. Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono channels jewelry and intense watchmaking themes, representing the design codes from the famous de Grisogono. It follows through a decadent series of aesthetics; something that would differentiate it from the rest of the smart watches in the market.

What makes it special? The breathtaking construction of rose gold, black diamonds and a signature galuchat bracelet is already spectacular. But take heart; this smart watch does not only house the brillant technology of Samsung, it also features 56 white diamonds, and about 1.2 carats embedded around the bezel of the circular face of the watch. The edging finish is done sublimely, while the bracelet offers flexible comfort paired with premium finish. And like a magical piece of accessory at the palm of your hand, a gentle cares of the rotating bezel opens its heart.

At your command, the smart watch peeps its eyes open, with its 1.2 inch Super AMOLED circular display, showcasing images about 360×360 resolution for 302ppi. Inside this luxurious creation is 4GB of storage, enough to keep your data on the go, with a flexible 512GB of RAM. But other than that, it features more advanced characteristics; it comes with a heart rate monitor and its 250mAh battery is capable of charging wirelessly. Samsung also equipped this piece of opulence with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, and a battery life that lasts about 3 days on a full charge, at the most. It runs entirely in Android Wear OS.

The Samsung Gear S2 by de Grisogono is truly worth beholding, much more, to be placed upon your wrist. A black dial with a luxurious bracelet, embedded with diamonds—what could be more elegant? This innovative time reader is a perfect accessory on a woman's wrist; a lady who is always connected, but still retains her timeless elegance, despite the many changes brought about by innovation. It could be a perfect jewelry to be worn with a haute couture gown. Exciting and extraordinary, this is a timepiece that unifies function and function entirely.