De Grisogono is a name associated with luxury, celebration, and aesthetic quality. Timepieces from this brand shine with a different make, taking cue from its rich, artisan jeweler heritage. Indulging in a wide medley of colors and shapes of precious gems, each item radiates like a lively rainbow, taking in the light and reflecting a spectacular vibrancy in nature's best gifts to mankind. Its accessories are mostly iconic, with high-energy designs embellished with massively cut gems. For its watches, it sticks to classics, taking inspiration from clean designs that will surpass any generation's standards.

Of course, every watch from the De Grisogono collection will obviously be covered with a palate of gems. Assembled with rich precious metals, colors and shapes, these stones create a wonderful design that makes every wearer stand out. The Grappoli does just the thing—with magnanimous charity, the Grappoli is crafted as the maker's stand out collections. Over the watch are playful buds of gems, all sorted in the right color and size to put to display a delicious composition of gem cuts. It runs away from the norm. The assemblage of the multi-sized gems enhances the look of different contrasts and shades, as showcased through volume. There are moving briolettes made up of an amazing corolla sewed upon the case modules. Starring a refined elegance, these gems dangle and move as they reflect the light from their beautifully trimmed facets.

Each piece in Grappoli is made of dazzling gems–ranging from eternal white diamonds, or the verdant rich emeralds. These stones move freely, creating a nice complement with the articulated gems and the sculpted gold that tingles with every motion. The dense setting technique offers a full expression of this De Grisogono watch, making every single part of the timepiece an important detail of the creation.

One can only be fond of the briolette cut gems as well as the unique pave-setting technique used in this collection. With intense audacity, De Grisogono excels in elevating traditional timepieces into haute couture expressions of wearable art.

This new jeweled timepiece only exudes paramount charm. The luxurious yet delicate appeal of the flowered setting can only take one's breath away. Who would not be captured by a watch that is entirely gem-set from its case? Hovering above are the De Grisogono logo in bright white gold along with Dauphine hands. The bracelet is also stunningly made with an array of gems, glassy and profound with their smooth texture and unbelievably graceful elegance.