Paying respect to the rich, lush color of blue, De Bethune offers a set of monochromatic watches evolving from its iconic models, DB28 and DB28T. Both exudes a radical personality, as their tones feature an artisanal treatment of the metals used. Devoting their time to research, the brand successfully produces this collection which they perceive as a hue for infinity and harmony. Two new watches in brave blue tones not exist in their library of well-made timepieces, which they appropriately named Kind of Blue.

Blue offers many meaning; loyalty, peace, diplomacy and knowledge. The meaning may be associated with the thing in such hue; the sky, the space, the sea. David Zaneta, curator and Co-Founder of De Bethune, together with master watchmaker Denis Flageollet, puts the focus on this color and highlights the different energy and aura it represents.

Plenitude, the brand says, is what makes this hue stand out. It is within and ironically, beyond itself. Blue is the unfathomable infinity that is the universe. Blue is life. So rightly put, blue is what connects mankind to the rest of his physical and abstract environment. In this context of artistic expression, one can derive blue s the magic of music which has become the name given to this collection.

In order to create its own variety of blue, De Bethune made use of a traditional techniques in every metal material of the watch. This includes a heating process where the color oxidizes and the physical properties are modified in the process. Such method has been used since the 16th century by professional watchmakers. It adds luster to the parts without altering its beautiful finishing. The technique was thoroughly finalized in 2006, which De Bethune, after an expansive research, finally brings this experiment to a stage of certainty.

The DB28 Kind of Blue is shaped from an iconic De Bethune model. Now furnished with a grade 5 titanium case, it is mounted on two lugs to guarantee maximum wearing comfort. A mechanical caliber that works with a manual winding is fully visible from the inside, and is integrated into various technical highlights. One will find a spherical moon-phase at 6 o'clock; a patented design made of palladium and steel. The core of the watch is a highly performing escapement that showcases a silicon annular balance, surrounded by a white gold ring and a balance spring. Power is distributed through the double self-regulating barrels, and a torque indicator is found in the middle of 2 and 3 o'clock. The power indicator comes with a special graining and can be seen on the back. Among the best of its beautiful embellishments is the bridges with Côtes De Bethune design.