The history of navigation tells stories of adventurous pioneers risking their lives and their crews for the goal of discovering new worlds. What has always been important to succeed in these perilous explorations is having at one’s disposal and accurate way of time-keeping to determine one’s longitude.

We can go back to the as early as 1530 to discover that our precursors in navigation where developing modern techniques then. For example, the hourglasses were still used by the British Royal Navy until 1839 to keep time.

Since this period mechanical watches are still being used today as a navigation instrument.

The method of navigation might have slightly changed but at the heart of it, the modern man in business still needs his watch to determine his longitude and timezone on this beautiful planet.

This is where the new DB25 World Traveller by De Bethune comes has a blessing for the global trotter of today.

 The new DB25 World Traveller by De Bethune is a world premiere because of it second timezone and world time feature displayed mysteriously.

The world time function appears on a disc encircled by a graduated channel where the moving microsphere indicates the reference time.
The movement of the timepiece is a mechanical calibre DB2547 that manually winds and has been assembled in-house by De Bethune. The aesthetics are unique and fascinating. De Bethune has gone so far as to undertake an impressive finish for the first time on the central delta bridge that they have named non-over then “Côte De Bethune.” De Bethune have put their distinctive know-how in this impressive watch. From taking into account the temperature variations, equipping the new DB25 World Traveller regulator is fitted with a new evolution, a new titanium balance wheel made out of beautiful white gold.

The irresistible 45mm diameter white gold case is impressive and heartwarming. It displays the ergonomics and make the readability ever more stunning and clear.

The new DB25 World Traveller by De Bethune is distinctive, dazzling and fair. What does the new DB25 World Traveller by De Bethune do? It dramatically changes the way a second-time-zone can be displayed and re-thinkes it over. The modern man can spend his precious time travelling and always knowing that his valuable watch will always be there to assist him everywhere he goes.

The new DB25 World Traveller by De Bethune retails at CHF 150’000.- and is limited to 12 pieces.