De GRISOGONO is delighted to present the first collection of the Maison by Emmanuel Tarpin, called Prologue.

Inspired by the theme of Haute Couture, the fluid lines and sinuous elegance of the creations are imprinted with de GRISOGONO’s daring style.

For his inaugural six-piece capsule collection, Prologue, the designer drew his inspiration from the codes of de GRISOGONO: black diamonds, chiaroscuro, volume, movement… Emmanuel Tarpin played with the symbol of the ribbon, representing the femininity of the Couture theme.


One look at the fluid lines and sinuous elegance of the black-and-white diamond jewels in the Prologue collection confirms that these are indeed de GRISOGONO creations, imprinted with the House’s daring style – but there is a new twist. Black diamonds are, after all, one of the House’s signature stones, as is its dramatic use of chiaroscuro.

Spirals of precious gems effortlessly encircle and unravel around the wrist, fingers and lobes with the lightest of touches. This is Haute Couture jewellery at its most sensuous and elegant, infused with a newfound freshness.

A ring and a bracelet accompany this creation, all three jewels bearing an incredible level of finishing for which Emmanuel collaborated closely with the atelier. The snow-setting of the gems offer a very subtle visual impression.

Taking de GRISOGONO’s distinctive design codes as a starting point, Tarpin offers a poetic interpretation of the House style with Prologue.

The other set of pieces is inspired by the theme of love, symbolised by two precious “cordelettes” interlaced. The result is a necklace of great femininity graced with a most voluptuous rhythm.