Conversations | Sonic Lecture: Eroica Hybrid Predictive Models

Conversations | Sonic Lecture: Eroica Hybrid Predictive Models
Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, November 30

Through meditative sounds, images, and reflections on blockchain technology, Chino Amobi and Moon Jérin explore predictive modelling scenarios, mining the fertile ground between knowledge and intuition, probability and entropy. Amobi’s hybrid and collaborative practice manifests itself in music, poetry, publishing, performance, video, and visual art. Jérin’s highly engineered creative intuition blends arts, music and cutting-edge technology focused on human evolution.

‣ Chino Amobi, artist, Paris
‣ Moon Jérin, Founder and CEO of Aeindri Protocol, Helsinki

‣ Chino Amobi approaches painting with the same vernacular as his music compositions, and vice versa. Using sound as a means of immersing the listener into the space of a landscape, he envisions each moment in his musical arrangements as a painting. Likewise, his paintings frame visions of life bursting forth in a fevered neon dream with sonic vibrations: the exotic bloom is a proxy for his entranced audience on the dancefloor, at the height of ecstasy, at the peak of inflorescence.

‣ Moon Jérin is the Founder and CEO of Aeindri Protocol, which aims to help web 2.0 companies transition to web 3.0 and acquire their market share in the metaverse, making commerce seamless in the phygital world. She has previously been the Vice President of Operations and Marketing at Vow Currency and Chief Marketing Officer at Vlinder, working with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and carbon removal. Jérin is currently an industry associate at the UCL Center for Blockchain Technologies and an advisor at the UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Prior to joining the blockchain world, Jérin worked for Shell Oil Company, H.J. Heinz, and Amazon. She was a speaker at South by Southwest, Horasis Global, Huwaei Events (Europe), and NFT.NYC.

The Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 Conversations program is curated by Emily Butler.
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