ComSubin Experience in La Spezia

With their new Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech™ watches on their wrists, the 33 clients joined the Comsubin, members of the Italian Navy special forces, for a two-days experience.

The Italian Navy unit’s coat-of-arms features a caiman and its motto is: E fluctibus irruit in hostem (from the sea, we assault the enemy).

The only difference in this particular instance was that the predators were focusing on the most difficult target of all: themselves.

Facing and braking through their own limits, their own fears and routines. Cast off from the safe shores of everyday life bound for the stormy waters of the exceptional.

This 33-man expedition was the first of the extreme experiences that the Florentine luxury sports watch maker offered to its customers.

On September 2nd, the participants sailed aboard assault inflatables to the Varignano Fortress which houses the naval base. It was originally a lazaret under the Republic of Genoa but is now completely off-limits to unauthorised persons. Once settled in, clients underwent and passed a medical check-up before receiving uniforms personalised by Panerai that were required for the planned assault exercises on land, sea and air.

The most extreme challenges took place on September 3rd, the real “experience day”.
Several fast-paced activities, the same that the members of Navy special forces undergo for their trainings, have been following since the early morning under the attentive supervision of the GOS (Operational Divers Group) and GOI (Operational Raiders Group): from diving into the sea depths to shooting sessions, from obstacle-strewn agility course to experience a zip-line passing across a 200-metre crevice on a 100-metre line.
And again, a light aboard the military helicopter to the Muzzerone Fortress which strategically dominates Baia delle Grazie from its position. Last but very far from least, the group visited the Anteo, the Italian Navy submarine rescue ship assigned to the Comsubin.

After the mission was accomplished by Panerai heroes and the adrenaline slightly went down, two evenings inspired by the Italian “Dolce Vita” ended up the experience, while Italy revealed her gentler side and the sea seen from the coast perspective seemed a quiet and safe place.
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