Christophe Claret winds up two of the most prominent complications in a mellifluous agreement with Soprano. This high-end luxury timepiece is outfitted with a tourbillon—a flying version, which is found at the 6 o’clock marker. It is unique on its own; the complication rotates ever sixty seconds and employs a Charles X stepped bridge to hold the open-worked movement. A Parachute shock protection is added, as taken from the pages of Breguet, to reinforce stronger endurance for this highly acclaimed haute horlogerie.

A minute repeater trails after the repeater, and like an experienced conductor, Christophe Claret manages to impose musical aspects to its orchestra of movements. The repeater features four individual gongs, all set with their own hammers, which circles the movement twice. Note that these cathedral gongs are also utilized in other of Claret’s lyrical timepieces. As an added genius, the Grade 5 titanium case band works as an acoustic for the sound, reminiscent to Westminster chimes. This feature can be triggered through the slide on the left side of the case.

There’s no doubt that Claret has musical ears, giving lenience to the fine artistry of lyrical work and seeing limitless possibilities with sounds and movements alike. In order to perfect the melodic rapture of the gongs, the watchmaker added a silent governor that enforces control to maintain speed and precision; hammers perform their roles accurately, harmonically. Add to that a state-of-wind indicator at the transparent mainspring barrel beneath the 12 o’clock position; it displays the fully-wound movement when the spring is at the centre of the barrel.

Digits are displayed on a clear, smoked sapphire crystal dial, allowing wearers to revel on the layers of movement underneath. The back is beautifully glorious as well; it also features a sapphire crystal case with the watchmaker’s emblem, the Westminster label and a handful of notes for the inner musician.


Calibre TRD98, mechanical hand-wound movement

Tourbillon with 60-second rotation and parachute shock absorber

450 parts, 39 jewels

4-note minute repeater in Westminster chime

Transparent mainspring barrel which works as state-of-wind indicator

30m Water Resistance

72-hours Power Reserve

3 Hz Frequency

Orange lacquered sapphire hands with anthracite grey

Soprano comes in either a red or white gold case, put on with a black or chocolate coloured alligator leather strap band. The stitching varies according to its version: gold, red and blue. There are only 8 pieces of this series available in the market.