Take a sacred journey with Mecca, a tribute piece from Swiss luxury watchmaker Christophe Claret made as a tangible representation of the Muslim faith. Emphasizing peace, sanctity and strong conviction, this timepiece harmonizes spirituality and mechanic artistry; offering a modern expression of one’s beliefs in a contemporary, stylish manner.

The heart of Mecca is a mirascope, a unity of two identical parabolic mirrors placed on top of another, creating a unique, elliptical shape that forms an interesting imagery. When an object is placed at the centre of the bottom mirror, its reflection projects a hologram that displays twice its measure. Christophe Claret employs this to portray a full, 360-degree view of the Mecca, right within one’s wrists.

Other than its stunning highlight, Christophe Claret adds more to its features; refining every detail to visually narrate the Muslim faith. The dial, for one, is coloured in grey and green—two prominent hues of the religion. There’s a white ceramic stone replacing the 5 o’clock numeral and a black spinel at 7 o’clock, both of which represents the white stone mentioned in the Koran that turned black after being repeatedly touched by the zealous pilgrims.

Aesthetically stylish, symbolically poetic, Mecca is equipped with a powerful movement that oscillates weight around the Kaaba. At the back, users can find the ball bearing cover which is accentuated by an illustration of Kaaba, with white dots symbolizing the pilgrims turning around the stone.

Three phrases quoted from the Arabs seals its design. One will be pleased to find these words at 12 o’clock, “Masjid al-Haram”, 4 o’clock, “Tawaf” and at 8 o’clock, “Masjid al-Haram”. The phrases mean “The Sacred Mosque”, the seven turns around Kaaba and “The Holy City of Mecca” respectively.

At the titanium case is an indication of the number of passionate watch aficionados who can acquire this watch: 63, the same number of the age of prophet Mohammed when he died.


  • Calibre AVE15, self-winding movement
  • 72-hour Power Reserve
  • 4 Hz Frequency
  • 30m Water Resistance
  • 186 parts, 28 jewels
  • Double barrel
  • Swiss lever escapement
  • “Mystery” oscillating weight with sapphire crystal segment
  • Grade 5 titanium and anthracite case
  • 3N yellow gold tips
  • Black alligator leather strap