Two years after debuting its first ladies' model, Margot, Christophe Claret once again brings out the romantic in the field of femininity with a bright, oriental-toned inspired collection. The watchmaker from Le Locle "says it with flowers" at one press of a button and this time, it delivers a fresh bloom in form of a daisy petal.

No hopeless romantic has not ever plucked the petals of this beautiful flower in order to discover how their sweetheart feels about them. A game of luck, or perhaps, a game of love. Christophe Claret implies that time is wooed infinitely, and this sort of courtship comes to live on the dial of the Layla watch, another of the brand's romantically elegant offerings.

It was helmed from the story traced from the Middle Ages. During that time, Île Saint-Louis, found in the center of Paris, was actually a meadow bound with many willows and poplars–a perfect place for lovers to stroll and discover love by picking petals of a daisy while muttering the words, "Il m’aime… il ne m’aime pas du tout.” The French wordings of "he loves me, he loves me not" covers a wider range of possibility; maybe he loves me, maybe he loves me a little, maybe he loves me deeply.

Layla showcases a unique mechanism that tries to predict the answer to a girl's most burning question: Does he love me? Here, a simple press at the pusher found at 2 o'clock brings enlightenment to the inquirer. At each press, a petal, sometimes two, delicately disappears under the dial, transitioning in a smooth action, perfectly portraying the plucking of the petals. The most awaited answer is found at the final piece of the petal, written in beautiful Arabic calligraphy, at the 8 o'clock position.

Magic happens at the dissolving of the petals. A crystalline chime resonates, signaling the pace of the game, wherein Christophe Claret's signature complication blends with sublime aesthetics that perform such whimsy. A gong bellows and the case band window showcases the answer, and, if dissatisfied, one can start the game anew by pressing the rest pusher at 4 o'clock. With that, the petals appear once more.

Romantic femininity glows in the natural pink mother-of-pearl dial engraved with verses as sung by the Arab poet Qays Al Mulawwah. The watch pays tribute to the romantic lovelornness of Qays, who fell in love with his cousin, Layla. The gold case has a shapely profile with a hidden crown set upon the upper lugs. The subtle embellishment showcases the shin of the gems, while baguette-cut diamonds parade around the bezel. Inside, bright green emeralds adorn the face.