Dancing in a medley of bold, bright colors and lined with a finely wrought gray gold material, Chopard unleashes what perhaps could be its most extravagant whimsy with Previous Chopard. Breathtaking, the exquisite combination of the radiant gems on a timepiece is truly remarkable in every detail. It is the brand’s gift to finest of women, wherein the light dances at every angle of this haute joaillery, unveiling colors and textures in each movement.

The Geneva-based manufacture has set its inspiration to a form of classical dance ever been loved by the royals: ballet. It sets the stage for the debut of a virtuoso, unveiling a graceful charm of layers of blooming petals, set upon one another, in different shapes, sizes and colors. The cluster of precious gems is nothing less than marvelous, and one could only admire the laborious work that goes in setting every piece perfectly onto the watch.

It is the perfect costume for the whimsical ballerina, dressed in her whirling tutu, radiant and blushing as she takes the stage with her delicate, previous dancing. Just the same, the luminous lacework of gems exude the same imagination and emotion. The watch is set with a variety of previous stones: pear-shaped and brilliant cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires intermixed to create a joyous medley to make one’s heart skip. On the dial, there’s a matching baguette-cut gem set that surrounds the lovely corolla, interpreting a floral motif in winter-colored crystals. Inside, it beats with a powerful watch movement. Each model is fitted with a metal bracelet which extends the lattice of jewelry. One, however, has the option to choose a brightly colored strap instead. The bracelets are strapped on with a folding buckle to keep it secure.

Chopard, known for embodying technical virtuosity and the heart for modern artistry, covers a broad, creative repertoire in fashion. It is housed with the finest craftsmen, equipped with the skill and knowledge in wax sculpting, jewelry making, gold-smithing, stone cutting, gem setting, upto polishing. It pushes the boundaries of fashion into an amazing product of art, something which can capture the eyes and heart and make a mark as one’s most valuable possession.

Precious Chopard conveys just that: a perfect symmetry of colors, patterns, movement, craftsmanship and heritage. It is a trophy timepiece that could be worn in your best nights, adorning you as the star of the stage. This watch is complemented with a jewelry line with the same distinctive style.