Chopard celebrates the 25th anniversary of its iconic model with a new interpretation uniting its finest skills
 Twenty-five years ago, its launch marked the birth of an icon and more; a certain vision of independence, modernity and freedom of movement. Happy Sport now enriches its repertoire of stylistic versatility with the strength of a self-winding movement specially developed by Chopard manufacture. It also adds a precious and delicate touch with a pastel-coloured textured mother-of-pearl dial. Pure technical strength, shimmering under a mantle of light. 

Happy Sport, a revolution 
In 1993, Chopard Co-President Caroline Scheufele effectively captured the spirit of the times in designing a sports watch based on an original and astounding association between steel and diamonds. Embodying unprecedented audacity, the Happy Sport was born. In harmony with the spirit of the Happy Diamonds that grace its dial, whirling like skaters performing free variations between two sapphire crystals, the Happy Sport soon became a powerful emblem of the Geneva-based Maison and of feminine watchmaking. Ever since, it illustrates an inimitable sense of chic embedded in its DNA. This incredibly alluring style icon plays the mix & match game and revels in combining various genres and repertoires, steel and diamonds, the eternal and the ephemeral.   

A manufacture movement: the spirit of time
To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Chopard transports the Happy Sport into a new era: that of an encounter with the other facet of the family-run Maison, the watch manufacture. Chopard has drawn on its watchmaking expertise to endow the Happy Sport with a mechanical self-winding movement, the 09.01-C, exclusively developed for 30 mm ladies’ watch cases. “Having it all” is the perfect motto for the women who choose the Happy Sport. Feminine and technical, playful and radical, precious and modern: through the sheer diversity of its qualities, the icon of the Maison Chopard represents the quintessence of a successful watch model. This creation bears witness to Chopard’s ever more seamless integration of its two centres of excellence – the result of a unique combination of the myriad skills and expertise contributing to the grandeur of Haute Horlogerie and High Jewellery.     

Suffused with a soft glow 
Technical strength, shimmering under a mantle of light. The Happy Sport makes no concessions. The heart of the dial is suffused with the depth and wealth of textured mother-of-pearl. The soft glow of this exceptional material features the infinitely varied and unique shades drawn from the heart of the shell, sheltering its most precious curves. The silky iridescence of textured mother-of-pearl, its rarity, and the singularity of its naturally occurring wave-like motifs endow each Happy Sport with unique character. This luminous heart framed by a 30-mm case is available in four versions: a blue dial with a gem-set steel case; a pink dial with a steel and 18-carat rose gold case; a white dial with an 18-carat rose gold case; and a white dial with a gem-set 18-carat rose gold case.

A palette of delicate colours echoes the subtle shimmer of textured mother-of-pearl. Soft pastels offer an inexhaustible source of visual delight, where the gaze can linger at leisure. A haven of tenderness to lift the spirit. A gentle celestial blue, an invitation to a land of dreams, where the eye can wander freely in contemplation of the clouds billowing through the imagination. A serene shade of blue. And then of course pink. The pink of a blush, the pink of femininity and the prism of optimism that one adopts to see life at its most beautiful. And finally, an immaculate and timeless white, the meeting point of all wavelengths, fulfilling our desire for gentleness and our quest for balance with its pristine radiance. 

These chromatic landscapes are enlivened by the mesmerising presence of five moving diamonds that appear to be whirling above the dial, feather-light and supremely innocent. Happy Diamonds offer wearers of the Happy Sport watch the perpetual sight of an infinite dance, echoing their every movement. A pas de deux, a single momentum and a sole horizon: that of freedom and joie de vivre.