I am a J12.

I am as bold as I am refined, as unexpected as iconic. I am sporty. I am feminine.

I am where it’s at.

My 19mm-size is deliberate.

Excessively small, yet excessively strong.

I hide where I see fit.

On a ring. In the fold of a glove. On a cuff.

I dictate the rules, my style, my allure, my time. I decide.

Is it all a contradiction? Or an attitude?

No, it is just who I am.

One does not look at me. One admires me.

I do not tell the time, I offer it to those who dare to look.

Do I confuse you? Am I different?

Well, that is my wit and charm.

Do not take me too seriously.

I love the quirky humor of those who appreciate my contradictions.

I am a J12. I am excessive.

I am the J12 XS.