There is something alluring about the beauty of raw, woolen fabric. It I both comfortable and sophisticated; add to that, remarkably sharp, giving every lady the chance to feel a spirit of comfort in every way they know. Chanel invites the same beauty in its Boy.Friend Tweed, an outstanding timepiece that makes the best of both worlds into a singular statement piece.

Its history has the same exciting spirit as its design. The watch was initially created for Mademoiselle Chanel, who felt the urge to use a unique watch as she began appropriating men's clothing. This meant having to cut, sew and tailor pieces that would match the movement. Here, she thought of the ideal wardrobe for a woman who is as active and as adventurous.

With no holds barred, she blurred out all the dress codes of the time, breaking down walls of what is supposed to be for females by using materials aimed for comfort. She first worked with jersey, but then proceeded to choosing tweet in the 1920s.

An old suit, here is where she was most at ease with. Madamoiselle Chanel fell in love with lightweight tweeds for it brought comfort without the heaviness and roughness of other fabrics. Tweed, therefore, became an all-enduring staple in her style vocabulary.

Originally produced in Scotland and nearby areas, tweed is a beautiful, strong fabric that is wrought from carded wool. In Mademoiselle Chanel's eyes, this thick, hand-woven fabric showcases the soul of the Highlands, where it was produced. Its features are definitely of character; the carded wool has a soft and fluffy texture. Its uncombed version retains its buttons, a natural irregularity which makes it stand out. She prefers this fabric to not be overly washed, conserving its supple appearance. Her love for tweed grew that she took pride that she is able to recognize different tweed types.

For the first time ever, Chanel intermixes the beauty of its classic timepieces with fabric in Boy.Friend. A metal strap has been reworked in a beautiful tweed motif, starring an engraved strap that has been woven from steel threads. A great technical achievement, it recalls the richness of the tweed fabric where the same motif has been precisely stamped onto the dial, while strangely retaining the suppleness of the texture to ensure optimum comfort when worn. This challenge took months to perfect.

The mastery of tweed technique has made it possible for Chanel to integrate braiding that puts the contours of the tweed strap on display. It is, remarkable, the same braiding that marked the many Chanel jackets which edges the pockets. This timepiece is topped by an octagonal deployant buckle reminiscent of the brand's Boy.Friend collection and the Place Vendôme.