Classic Fusion Special Edition Eden Rock St Barths

Hublot interprets the perfect getaway: the legendary Eden Rock – Saint Barths

Once steeped in the opulent luxury and tranquillity of this setting, who wouldn’t want to suspend time and never have to return to normality? Fully renovated, the legendary Eden Rock on Saint Barthélémy is reopening its doors in autumn 2019.

United by their shared values, Hublot and Oetker Collection are continuing their collaboration, with two brand new Classic Fusion models being added to the Eden Being collection featuring exclusive custom-made pieces.

A 45 mm chronograph version provides a glimpse of the self-winding movement, and a second 38 mm version dazzles, set with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds. These are available as ultra-limited editions – just 25 of each model – which can be engraved with the initials of their future owners. They will be available first of all at Eden Rock – St Barths, and also through the Oetker Collection network and Hublot boutiques.

Classic Fusion Special Edition Eden Rock St Barths

“Eden Rock – Saint Barths has played host to glittering stars including Greta Garbo. Excellence, exclusivity and exuberance are just a few of the qualities that Hublot and Oetker Collection share to delight their clientele. Its forthcoming reopening provides an opportunity to renew our collaboration through a Classic Fusion model for men and one for women. Even though, once there, you are sure to stop counting the hours…” – Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

“Hublot has always strive to deliver something different and unique … this really echoes our moto of being so much more than just a hotel. Our dear guests and friends will undoubtedly appreciate those two exclusive timepieces.” – Fabrice Moizan, CEO Eden Rock St Barths

Drawing inspiration from Eden Rock Saint Barths the two timepieces feature details that ensure this mythical place lives on in memory. This exceptional hotel boasts a history dating back to the 1950s, regularly visited by illustrious personalities representing all facets of the world’s rich cultural heritage, from music to cinema and literature, as well as artists seeking inspiration.

Classic Fusion Special Edition Eden Rock St Barths

The HUB1155 skeleton self-winding chronograph movement showcases the collaboration with Eden Rock St Barths at 3 o’clock. The second watch sparkles with precious diamonds symbolising eternity, with the white lacquer of its dial set with 10 rubies. These two timepieces are available with three straps: a white alligator strap delicately edged with red thread, along with white and red full rubber straps, both finely ribbed.

Deliberately white like the pristine sand of the beach or the sun-bleached walls – everyone will have their own interpretation – the watch has a single touch of colour; the famous Eden Rock red. These creative and aesthetic choices conjure up the perfect getaway.

Masterclass Preziuso DWW

A week of sharing a passion, of wonderful encounters, of forging bonds – the afterglow of Dubai Watch Week lingers on with a multitude of fond memories for Antoine and Florian Preziuso who held visitors spellbound with their Masterclasses twice a day throughout the event.

The principle was quite straightforward: to welcome the general public as well as keen fans of fine watches and take them on a journey into the fascinating world of mechanical watchmaking – by giving them the opportunity to become watchmakers for an hour. Coached on how to correctly hold a pair of tweezers, place the eyeglass loupe, open a watch, remove the hands and dial, and then replace them and close the watch, watch lovers experienced moments of pure happiness and discovery with the simple gestures that may seem trivial to professionals.

The success exceeded all expectations. Visitors, amateurs and collectors alike enrolled in the Masterclasses at a dazzling speed. Keenly appreciated by all types of participants, these exercises required patience, dexterity and precision, allowing them to better understand and appreciate the fine art of mechanical watchmaking and the profession of watchmaking. And what better way to embark on this journey of discovery than with as guides two renowned and passionate master watchmakers, Antoine and Florian Preziuso who gave these memorable Masterclasses there all. Thank you to Dubai Watch Week, thank you to Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, and thank you to the Seddiqi family for initiating and inspiring these beautiful moments of sharing.


An advanced digital platform for the exclusive use of an established and devoted community of clients. An extension of the international limited warranty up to eight years.

The launch of Pam.Guard, an expansive care program developed to promote deep engagement with the Panerai’s world, is the brand’s latest project to expand and enhance customer experience. Participation in the program officially extends the international limited warranty for eligible watches up to eight years.

Pam.Guard debuts November 26, 2019. The concept was conceived, designed and executed by Panerai and its Laboratorio di Idee, the creative and technical heart of the Maison. Its research and development team applied the same rigor to building the advanced digital Pam.Guard platform as it does to the mechanical and material introductions destined for Panerai watches. The result is a portal that offers an unprecedented connection to the brand.

The first step to access the world of Pam.Guard to activate the international limited warranty limited extension is creating a personal profile using the intuitive, user-friendly interface found at Once a profile is active, users will be able to register their watches online.

Eligibility for Pam.Guard is limited to watches purchased no more than two years prior to the program’s launch date. The Pam.Guard program is retroactive and customers owing a watch purchased over the last two years prior to the program launch can benefit from the Pam.Guard international limited warranty extension.

Together with the reliability of its watches, Panerai reaffirms its reputation as a preeminent maker of timepieces with high technical and mechanical value – a reputation already established with a legacy of sophisticated, pioneering models.

“Pam.Guard communicates the true spirit of Panerai. Thanks to its strong, incisive concept, it goes beyond the traditional notions of customer support to reflect the advanced and innovative thinking that has always characterized the brand. It is a tool dedicated to the clients’ community, who Panerai guides on an interactive journey to fully understand the technical and historical ethos of the brand. A proactive form of engagement with consumers and at the same time a way to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Panerai community.

With this long-term vision, extending the international limited warranty up to eight years is a natural, virtually inevitable step. This commitment was made possible by the very high level of technical efficiency and reliability achieved by watches produced by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel,” says Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai.

Pam.Guard goes beyond the concept of a conventional care program. It is a highly customized service interface accessible through multiple devices and formats (desktop, mobile, iPad, WeChat), that can also be activated at Panerai and authorized retailers’ boutiques.

Personalized newsletters will call registered Pam.Guard members to deepen their knowledge of the brand at Panerai point of sales in the world. They are essential part of the immersive, Pam.Guard experience, as are a series of special gifts.

To draw attention to the distinct mission of the Pam.Guard program, the Laboratorio di Idee devised for it a signature logo that depicts the iconic Luminor Marina PAM01312 dial, a universally recognizable and evocative image of Panerai.

LOT 111 _ DRAGON Five

Moritz Grossmann auctions twelve special models with Christie’s.
Dresden artists combine Schönstes deutsches Handwerk with the ancient culture of Chinese astrology.

• The independent watch manufactory Moritz Grossmann is pleased to announce a partnership with Christie’s
• A selection of handmade special models in the form of one-off pieces will be auctioned together with Christie’s in an online auction from 18 November – 2 December 2019
• The collection is aimed at lovers of independent brands who want to experience Schönstes deutsches Handwerk in conjunction with ancient culture of Chinese astrology
• Regional artists from Dresden have put their personal interpretations of Chinese zodiac signs onto canvas. Their works have been painted onto the fine dials by a miniaturist using the finest drawing techniques. These works of art will be auctioned together with the watches.
• As an expression of its links to the Saxony region, Grossmann Uhren GmbH will donate a portion of the proceeds to a regional aid organisation from Dresden

The upscale Glashütte watch manufactory Moritz Grossmann was founded by Christine Hutter using the name of the famous Glashütte watch pioneer in 2008. The watches by the Saxon watch genius and initiator of the German School of Watchmaking (1878), Moritz Grossmann, are reflections of modern thinking in the form of classic, yet contemporary design and perfect mechanics. Moritz Grossmann manufactures timepieces to the highest standard of craftsmanship. The watches are unique in their beautiful finish and manual hand production. The manufactory represents Schönstes deutsches Handwerk combined with great history and Saxon watchmaking tradition.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese art of reading the stars, Moritz Grossmann will auction twelve one-off pieces this year, each of which artistically showcases one of the Chinese zodiac signs. The manufactory, which is located near Dresden, thus creates the perfect link between Schönstes deutsches Handwerk – made in Germany – and traditional Chinese culture.

As a homage to the Saxon watchmaking tradition in Glashütte and to celebrate free art, the fine timepieces will be auctioned together with the paintings by Dresden artists. The artists put their own personal interpretations of Chinese zodiac signs onto canvas. Their works of art were then painted onto the fine dials of the Moritz Grossmann timepieces by a miniaturist with the finest attention to detail.

Collection and highlight piece

A selected unique piece in a fine case made from 750/000 rose gold was manufactured as the highlight piece of the collection. RAT One is all about the year 2020, the year of the rat in Chinese astrology. The one-off piece celebrates the rat, which is the first of the Chinese zodiac signs. In Chinese astrology, the rat is seen as highly intelligent with foresight and a keen sense of its environment.
All other models are presented in fine stainless steel cases.

The whole collection was manufactured in High Artistic Finish with the calibre 100.1. The movement is visible though the generous transparent back made of sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on one side. The pillar movement with well-proportioned components made of untreated German silver with various finishes forms different levels. On the characteristic 2/3 plate with broad horizontal ribbing, the signet is engraved by hand. The Grossmann balance is visible in the curved plate cut-out and is borne by the cantelevered, hand-engraved balance cock with the typical fine micrometer screw.

LOT 107 _ RAT One

One-off piece made from rose gold, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Laura Heyne. Including original painting of the artist.

Intelligent, beautiful and faithful – the artist sees these qualities in the rat. Thanks to her personal love of rats, the choice of motif was not too difficult. She herself used to keep a rat as a pet and learned to love these qualities. By arranging several rats in a circle, the artist symbolises the good social behaviour of the animals and expresses their beauty through the flowers.

In Chinese mythology, the rat symbolises intelligence and foresight as well as exaggerated passion and unscrupulousness. In the emotional realm, rats are characterised above all by sensitivity and keen intuition, but they often hide their feelings and show their feelings only in a very restrained way.

The hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, are annealed over an open flame in the typical Moritz Grossmann brown-violet colour and harmonise with the solid silver dial.

LOT 108 _ OX Two

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Tony Käseberg. Including original painting of the artist.

The side view of the ox shows off the animal in all its glory. With his sketch style, the artist breaks up the familiar grid of a detailed drawing and gives the motif a ‘wild’ touch. The increasingly intense colour gradient shows the tonicity of the ox, which increases from the legs to the horns.

In line with its second position in the Chinese zodiac, the ox’s self-confident gaze is directed towards 2 o’clock.

The ox is very hard-working, reliable, ambitious and determined. Oxes are extremely honest and sincere. Oxes work tenaciously and with a lot of patience until they reach their goal. But first they have to draw up an exact plan.

The polished stainless steel hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, harmonise with the solid silver dial.

LOT 109 _ TIGER Three

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Jaroslava Werstler. Including original painting of the artist.

The artist chose the tiger as her motif because it is a very strong, lively and energetic animal. It has the strength and courage of a predator on the one hand and the exotic beauty of a wildcat on the other. The tiger does not sit around and wait – it searches, looks ahead, communicates.

The artist painted the tiger as a moving entity and chose strong colours for her picture. Instead of a simple graphic, the artist opted for a detailed painting with acrylic paints on canvas in order to honour the upmarket appearance of Grossmann’s timepieces.

People under the sign of the tiger are considered passionate, daring and combative. They are full of energy and accept the challenge to achieve their goals with enthusiasm and a large portion of optimism. They love variety and adventure.

The polished stainless steel hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, form a calm contrast to the colourfully painted dial in solid silver.

LOT 110 _ RABBIT Four

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Julie Pietschmann. Including original painting of the artist.

Rabbits enjoy calmness and represent a peaceful life. But rabbits also love luxury. The artist has tried to bring the grace, the friendly nature and the longevity of the rabbit to the canvas using acrylic colours. Delicate gold leaf paper on the dial rim symbolises the rabbit’s penchant for luxury.

Rabbits tend to be gentle and calm as well as elegant and vigilant, friendly, patient and particularly responsible. Generally speaking, people who are born under the zodiac sign of the rabbit have a very kind character. The rabbit embodies grace, feeling and longevity. It is a tactful master of life and a sensitive lover of beauty.

The hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, are annealed over an open flame in the brown-violet hue typical for Moritz Grossmann and harmonise with the mother-of-pearl dial in a white grey shade.

LOT 111 _ DRAGON Five

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Christiane Schneider. Including original painting of the artist.

The dragon is a mystical and imaginative animal and triggers fear and fascination at the same time. This is exactly what the artist finds exciting and impressive about them. The status of the dragon in the dragon world is determined by the colour of its skin. The yellow dragon is the most important of all and radiates power and strength. The luminosity of the yellow hue is emphasised even more by the acrylic colours.

The dragon of the Chinese zodiac stands for luck and authority. People who were born in the year of the dragon are often natural leaders who sweep others in their environment away on a tide of enthusiasm. They are full of energy and zest for action. The dragon firmly believes in happiness and does not shy away from any challenge.

The polished stainless steel hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, form a calm contrast to the expressive dial in solid silver.

LOT 112 _ SNAKE Six

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Tony Käseberg. Including original painting of the artist.

In a graceful wave movement the snake meanders through flowering orchids and green plants. In the Chinese horoscope, the orchid is considered a ‘lucky flower’. The snake fascinates the artist as it enjoys the reputation of being mysterious, unfathomable and very wise. With the connection to nature, the artist wants to express inner peace and relaxation as well as liveliness and freshness at the same time.

The snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac. Accordingly, its gaze is directed towards 6 o’clock in the painting. Using acrylic colours as well as a sponge and a dab technique, the artist was able to realise the colour gradients well.

People born under the sign of the snake seem puzzling and mysterious. They are difficult to read, do not like to show their feelings and prefer to act in secret. Even if they are emotionally agitated, they still appear calm and cool to the viewer. Snakes are also considered very sensitive, thoughtful and like to pursue philosophical questions. And what you might not have suspected: they actually have a good sense of humour.

The hands, which were handcrafted in the manufactory and annealed over an open flame in a brown-violet hue, harmonise with the solid silver dial.

LOT 113 _ HORSE Seven

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Caroline Kortrijk. Including original painting of the artist.

Even as a child, the artist loved to draw horses most of all as she loved their grace and beauty. For her, horses are elegant and powerful, yet good-natured and peaceful.

With the wild, smooth application of colour, the artist aims to express the activity and liveliness of the horse. The green colour in the picture and the calla lily in the horse’s mouth are intended to bring happiness to this sign of the zodiac.

People born under the sign of the horse are exceptionally agile, mentally as well as physically. They love to be on the move, are usually sporty and never miss a chance to travel. Everything new and unknown must be seen and experienced. At the same time, the horse is compassionate and likes to help others.

The polished stainless steel hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, harmonise with the solid silver dial.

LOT 114 _ GOAT Eight

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Svetlana Hantusch. Including original painting of the artist.

Home and family are important components of life. The artist is originally from Russia, where her family still lives. In order to feel a little closer to her loved ones, she decided to paint her father’s zodiac sign – the goat. The colour blue particularly stands out in the picture. With this, the artist wants to express the introversion as well as the strength and wisdom of the goat.

Gentle, profound, patient – the goat is one of the most empathetic and sensitive signs of the zodiac. They have a deep and sincere need to listen to their fellow human beings and give them a feeling of security and understanding. But they also have passion and intelligence.

The hands, which were handcrafted in the manufactory and annealed over an open flame in a brown-violet hue, harmonise with the solid silver dial.

LOT 115 _ MONKEY Nine

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Martina Hanzsch. Including original painting of the artist.

Spontaneity and creativity go very well together. The artist behind this picture spontaneously came up with an idea for the monkey zodiac sign in her head and immediately started to realise it. She was inspired by an artist who shapes pressed blossoms into faces. They are intended to express the calm and clarity, but also the curiosity of the monkey. For a few days she dried and pressed leaves from the delicate fern plant in her own garden, which she then arranged and glued onto the canvas to form an imaginative silhouette.

Monkeys have a large circle of friends in the Chinese zodiac. In the animal kingdom the monkey stands out thanks to exceptional intelligence and astuteness. Its spiritual alertness and curiosity bring it much admiration. People born under the zodiac sign of the monkey appear self-confident and at peace with themselves.

The hands, which were handcrafted in the manufactory and annealed over an open flame in a brown-violet hue, harmonise with the solid silver dial.


One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Caroline Kortrijk. Including original painting of the artist.

The proud rooster wants to be radiant and stride ahead self-confidently. The deep blue and the bright orange as complementary colours give the rooster a lively and expressive look. The artist was inspired to produce the curved lines and shapes by traditional rustic-style farmers’ paintings. She was introduced to these by her grandmother.

People born under the sign of the rooster are supposed to be very attentive. They are characterised by diligence, ingenuity, courage and talent as well as a certain self-confidence. They love being the centre of attention, are always active, cheerful and popular with other people.

The polished stainless steel hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, harmonise with the solid silver dial.

LOT 117 _ DOG Eleven

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Timo Miura. Including original painting of the artist.

The dog fascinated the artist right from the beginning because of its positive qualities and charming character. In his artistic design, the joyful and happy dog forgets time as he swims across the thundering river at dusk. Only his head and tail protrude from the water.

The irony of the story of the dog, which reaches the finish line in eleventh place due to its playfulness despite the fact that it is a very good swimmer, moved the artist.

People born under the sign of the dog are considered friendly and lovable. They prefer to move in a familiar circle and with people who mean something to them. The dog is a good listener and vigilant but also closed and can be very stubborn at the same time. The dog prefers to rely on loyal friends and family. If it can help other people, that makes it happy.

The hands, manually crafted in the manufactory, are annealed by hand in a brown-violet shade.

LOT 118 _ PIG Twelve

One-off piece made from stainless steel, hand-painted as a miniature drawing according to the artistic design of Laura Heyne. Including original painting of the artist.

2019 is the year of the pig. For the artist, the pig is her personal symbol of happiness and so she was quick to choose which motif she wanted to draw. With an artistic idea in her head, she immediately set about realising it. The artist worked with a stencil and spray technique. With targeted splashes of paint she gives the picture movement and depth.

The pig is a symbol of happiness and wealth. It is the optimist among all the signs of the zodiac. The pig makes the most of the conditions and sees a ray of hope even in the darkest storm. But despite all its frugality, the pig also knows what is good and enjoys its life to the full.

The hands, handcrafted in the manufactory, are annealed over an open flame in the typical Moritz Grossmann brown-violet colour and harmonise with the colours of the solid silver dial.

Panerai Ambassador Jimmy Chin

Panerai, the luxury Italian watchmaker brand, announced today that acclaimed filmmaker, photographer, climber and alpinist Jimmy Chin joined the ranks, as one of the brand’s newest ambassadors.

Having recently won the Academy Award for Best Documentary and seven Emmy Awards in each creative category for him and his wife Chai Vasarhelyi’s film Free Solo, Jimmy Chin has become an icon in the world of adventure sports. He has led and participated in dozens of high-profile exploratory expeditions on all seven continents including Skiing from the summit of Everest. He has completed a number of first ascents around the globe, working with the best adventure athletes in the world.

Today he joins Panerai worldwide Ambassadors’ team sharing with the Maison a never-ending adventurous spirit and the willingness to work hard by pushing himself beyond limits and breaking new challenging records.

“Often as a professional climber, you are doing things that people think are impossible, but I found when you really commit to something you can achieve great things. I feel Panerai has the same mentality about its brand and innovation which is what drew me to it. The brand strives to create the exceptional, which is a trait I need in my equipment and what I strive for in life. To me, watches represent our most precious commodity: Time – whether on a climb or in life, we should be making the most of it,” explains Jimmy Chin.

On November 15th Chin joined Panerai US Brand President Philippe Bonay along with clients and VIP’s to kick off the partnership in New York at a private cocktail and pre-screening of the brand and filmmaker’s first partnered project – a film short depicting, from Jimmy’s eyes, what success and motivation means to him. Deeply personal, the short film shows the audience that in order to go beyond to achieve greatness against incredible odds, you have to sometimes look back to where you have grounded yourself. A great life’s suggestion for everyone.

“The partnership between Panerai and Jimmy Chin expresses values with which our brand is strongly linked, commitment to sport and enthusiasm for new adrenaline challenges. Panerai heroes push limits and break records. Jimmy Chin has been pushing those boundaries throughout his career and we are proud to welcome him to the Panerai community,” said CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué.

Dream Watch 6 Table Clock

De Bethune x @byJorgHysek present the Dream Watch 6 table clock

The Sky: De Bethune sees it bigger, deeper, wider, more experienceable…transcended.

Contemporary creativity in design by @byJorgHysek reinterprets De Bethune’s DNA, aspiring to a different vision of the world.

A moon phase with an accuracy of 5.7 seconds in a lunar month, or 1 day every 1225 years – which corresponds to an accuracy improved by a factor of 457 over conventional moon phase watches.

It’s contemporary Art mechanics taking us to a different place in time and space with the unique creation that is Dream Watch 6.

Art mechanics implies a very particular know-how, and it is fast becoming a lost skill. Contrary to popular belief, a clock is not just a bigger watch. The mechanical object is a question of balance and harmony between each and every component taken separately and as a whole. It is a different way of working and understanding the object that is considered more instinctively, holistically, with a comprehensive aesthetic. Complexity is increased exponentially. Surfaces that are now expanses need to be broken down proportions redefines for more lightness. The new volumes are thus more generous and airier than in a watch, and thus require an acute sense and ability to adapt.

Denis Flageollet, who has lost nothing of his passion for timekeeping objects and has worked on many of them, conceives of and creates De Bethune clocks that combine the traditions established by of 18thcentury Master Watchmakers with contemporary art mechanics.

Faithful to the spirit that drives De Bethune, each clock project originates in the juxtaposition of watchmaking history during the Enlightenment, of various techniques both for the movement and for the finishing, alongside the spirit of modernity that characterizes De Bethune’s identity.

In other words, to develop these objects, is to have an intimate knowledge of what has been done in the past and what is being done present, and to draw from both in defining one’s sources of mechanical and aesthetic inspiration. The historical and emblematic pieces resulting from 400 years of watchmaking history are the foundations on which today’s creation is based.

De Bethune presented his first clock movement in 2003. It was inspired by the marine chronometers so dear to Denis Flageollet, a great sailing enthusiast, then came the mysterious Stellar Clock with its two sphynxes, and finally the famous Helicopter Clock created in 2015. At the core, Denis’ approach has always been emotional. Each of his creations allows a better understanding of Art mechanics, which really comes through in a larger volume, a bigger space in which to unfold – rather than in a watch where the mechanics are ultra-condensed.

2019. Four years have passed.

De Bethune now presents the Dream Watch 6, a clock designed in close collaboration with the Swiss
artist Jörg Hysek.

With the Dream Watch 6, De Bethune yet again looked up to the sky, to represent in a more meaningful, more contemporary manner. The initial idea is simple: to transpose the De Bethune sky to a clock and in doing so utilize to the fullest the larger volumes afforded to express it – even transcend it.

More space, more depth: The night sky of De Bethune becomes even more magical. The more generous volume offers it a more experienceable cosmos. The moon takes up a more even-handed proportion in our unconscious. The two spheres, for hours and minutes, play with volumes. It all comes together in a whole that allows one to marvel at a completely new vision of the planets, the sky, the cosmos, our environment, all in harmony and beauty.

De Bethune is one of the very few manufacturers to master the know-how of clockmaking. Thanks to the skill of some of its watchmakers, the 180-component hand-wound mechanical movement 1318-010, adapted to the design and equipped with a constant force escapement, displays the hour, minute and moon phase functions with an accuracy of 5.7 seconds in a lunar month, or 1 day every 1225 years, which corresponds to an accuracy 457 times higher than conventional moon phases – an improvement by a factor of ten compared to the De Bethune standard. 18,000 vibrations per hour. 8 days of power reserve.

Dream Watch 6 Table Clock

Dial design and movement conception by De Bethune. A body created by Swiss artist Jörg Hysek

For the casing, a casual exchange between Denis and his friend Jörg gave rise to the obvious idea of a collaboration. Sharing a creative vision and passion for unique watchmaking objects, together they worked in close concert for 18 months to create a new piece.

Jörg Hysek, a visionary artist whose star has been shining high above Swiss watchmaking for decades, continues to surprise with ways to tell time – always with a fresh artistic intention. Driven by his own vision and creativity, he literally immersed himself in De Bethune’s spirit and the multiple strands of the brand’s DNA.

We find these references in the tense curves that characterize De Bethune, in the use of titanium, the vibrant color of the immediately recognizable hallmark blue, the famous De Bethune lugs in the feet as well as fixing points, the polished bezel that gives a true clarification of the reading of the time, the vision of the inside of the mechanism through the lower part of the part… All these elements that make the signature of De Bethune watches find themselves reinterpreted and re-orchestrated to create this object of art mechanics.

What Jörg Hysek conceived of and designed is a mechanical sculpture, with a creative aesthetic that gives off a force that speaks to lovers of the truly exclusive. Challenging the known and assumed, he expresses his sensibility to the mechanics of time. This clock is new, unique. The feet, for example: In addition to their almost sensual refinement and the role they play in design, the three legs have the double function of keeping it upright on a table, or to laying it down, as in a cradle so it can easily be rewound. Arming the clock and setting the time – it’s done discreetly from below, sparing the eye a glance at perhaps unwelcome “interruptions” in the clock’s lines.

GPHG logo

On the eve of its 20th anniversary, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) is affirming its commitment to openness and innovation by announcing the creation of an international watch industry Academy, operational as of May 2020. This major initiative, in line with the unifying mission of the GPHG and supported by the City and Canton of Geneva, will invite all stakeholders in the sector who believe in the shared destiny of international watchmaking to take part in the various stages of the watch selection process.

Based on the GPHG’s core values of independence, neutrality and universality, this Academy will be composed of several hundred members, significant stakeholders in the main sectors of the watchmaking industry, divided into colleges and forming a vast worldwide network of ambassadors.

Academy members will have the two-fold task of proposing the eligible watch models they wish to see competed – in parallel with the traditional entries by the brands themselves; as well as taking part in the various votes.  Proposals and remote votes will be done via a certified secure digital platform.
In addition, a jury of 30 Academy members will be appointed each year and will meet in Geneva, behind closed doors, under notarial supervision, to physically evaluate the pre-selected watches and proceed to the final vote by secret ballot. The vote of the entire Academy will count towards determining the prize list.

As of January 2020, the first personalities approached by the GPHG will be invited to be members of the Academy. From 2021, new members will be able to join the Academy by sponsorship. The list of members will be published on the GPHG website.

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) aims to highlight and salute the most remarkable watchmaking creations, thereby contributing to promoting the worldwide reputation of the watch industry. With the creation of this large-scale Academy, the GPHG will consolidate its international recognition as the watch industry “Oscars”.

Semmieke Rothenberger awarded the 2019 Longines FEI Rising Star

As FEI’s Top Partner, Longines was proud to participate in the FEI Awards Gala tonight in Moscow (Russia). On this occasion, the Swiss watch brand was delighted to grant German Dressage rider Semmieke Rothenberger the 2019 Longines FEI Rising Star Award. At only 20 years of age, the young athlete – sister of Longines Ambassador of Elegance Sönke Rothenberger – already won 21 FEI European Championship medals, making a name for herself on the international stage of Dressage.

On Tuesday, 19 November, the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow (RU) hosted the 2019 FEI Awards presented by Longines, celebrating since 2009 the men, women, young people and organisations that are making an outstanding contribution to the progress and excellence of equestrian sport.

On this occasion, German Dressage rider Semmieke Rothenberger was presented with the Longines FEI Rising Star Award – rewarding athletes between the ages of 14 and 21 who demonstrate outstanding equestrian sporting talent. As the Swiss watch brand attaches great importance to encouraging youngsters to practice sports, the young athlete was presented with an elegant timepiece from the hands of Longines’ Vice President Marketing, Matthieu Baumgartner.

Coming from an Olympic Dressage family – including Longines Ambassador of Elegance and previous Longines FEI Rising Star Sönke Rothenberger – Semmieke Rothenberger already counts 21 FEI European Championship medals ranging from the Ponies category to the Young Riders’ one. Out of those, six are individual gold and nine are team gold.

At only 20, she won almost every competition she took part in this year, culminating with triple gold at the FEI Dressage European Championships for Young Riders. In 2018, the Longines FEI Rising Star Award was presented to the French Eventing rider Victor Levecque.

Semmieke Rothenberger awarded the 2019 Longines FEI Rising Star

Besides the Longines FEI Rising Star Award, four other categories were awarded during the Gala on Tuesday evening: the FEI Against All odds Award, presented to the Jumping rider Zhenqiang Li (CHN), the Cavalor FEI best Groom Award, presented to Madeleine Broek (NED), the FEI Solidarity Award, presented to Uno Yxklinten (SWE) for its Farriers Training Program in Zambia, as well as the Peden Bloodstock FEI Best Athlete Award, presented to the Eventing rider Ingrid Klimke (GER). The results of the public vote and the results from the panel of judges, both worth 50%, are combined to decide the winners.

Longines Masters of Paris

Longines and its long-term Partner EEM were proud to present the 2019 edition of the Longines Masters of Paris and to officially launch the Season V during a press conference held at the Lido of Paris in the presence of world-class riders. As the Title Partner, Official Timekeeper and Watch of the Longines Masters Series, Swiss watchmaking brand is delighted to lend its name to the highlight trials, the Longines Speed Challenge and the Longines Grand Prix. This event will also be the occasion for Longines to welcome its Ambassador of Elegance and Korean actor Jung Woo Sung, who will be attending the Longines Grand Prix. In Paris, Longines will have the pleasure of presenting the new face of its emblematic line, the Longines Master Collection as the event’s Official Watch.

As the Title Partner, Official Timekeeper and Watch of the Longines Masters Series, Swiss watch brand Longines is looking forward to taking part in the 11th edition of the Longines Masters of Paris, held from 5-8 December 2019 at the Parc des Expositions of Paris Nord Villepinte and gathering a total of 145 riders from 30 different countries and 350 horses for four days of thrilling competitions.

During the Longines Masters of Paris, the Swiss watchmaking brand is delighted to lend its name to two of the weekend’s highlight competitions, the Longines Speed Challenge – known as the world’s fastest trial – and the much-awaited Longines Grand Prix, taking place on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The latest will be the perfect opportunity for Longines to welcome its Ambassador of Elegance and Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung.

This glamorous equestrian rendezvous will also host the Riders Masters Cup, of which Longines is the Founding Partner. This unique show jumping competition pits the two world powers, Europe and the Americas. Each continent presents a team of five riders for two rounds of five breathtaking head-to-head duels.

Longines’ elegant pop-up store will open its doors in the heart of the Prestige Village during the Parisian leg of the Longines Masters. Accessible to all visitors, it will offer the chance to discover and purchase the brand’s various collections, such as the Official Watch of the event, a new model of The Longines Master Collection. The highlighted timepiece, featuring a moon phase indicator, perfectly embodies the values of excellence and elegance that have contributed to building the brand’s reputation across the world.

Inspired by the exceptional scenery of the Jura mountains and guided by an unquenchable inner fire, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture finds its essence at the heart of the Vallée de Joux. All of its savoir-faire is brought together under one roof: watchmakers, engineers, designers and artisans work in harmony to give birth to exceptional Fine Watchmaking creations, constantly driven by a collective energy and innovative spirit. Since 1833, this same spirit has brought to life over 1200 calibres and made of Jaeger-LeCoultre, La Grande Maison.

The Home of Fine Watchmaking regularly invites its guests to make stopovers in its different ateliers, and to discover the restoration workshop as well as the Heritage Gallery.

Today, the Manufacture’s historic building, built in 1833 and enlarged in 1866, is in the spotlight and inaugurates a fully renovated façade.

The renovation of the historical building’s façade

For five months, the works consisted of restoring the historic appearance back to this building. For this, the Luc Chappuis Maison carried out substantive design operations: new lime plaster, new window frames made of Jura stones, bush-hammer technique… An opportunity for Jaeger-LeCoultre to pay homage to the past all while meeting the new energy saving norms and displaying the Maison’s primary vocation. “MANUFACTURE D’HORLOGERIE” (Watchmaking Manufacture) is written in appliqué letters above the entrance.

The Restoration Workshop

Behind the walls of this façade is the restoration workshop. Here, the antique watches are put into the expert hands of about ten watchmakers. The immediate proximity of the Heritage Gallery makes their job easier. Benefiting from direct access to the original plans, they can draw on this living memory in order to reproduce components that are impossible to repair or that have changed, for antique watches, pocket watches and other treasures entrusted to them by their owners for a complete restoration. The rich collection of nearly 6,000 stamps or swages, manufactured by the Maison for their unique movements and preciously preserved at the Manufacture, is also available for this precise watchmaking work.

Heritage Gallery

The Heritage Gallery, redesigned between 2016 and 2017, presents the iconic timepieces and collections of Jaeger-LeCoultre. It offers visitors a unique, connected experience as well as total immersion into the key stages of the Maison’s history and the art of watchmaking.

On two levels, immense display windows are set in a vast space full of light with a pure décor. One part encloses the Maison’s archives, varying from the written record of technical plans, patents, drawings, old books, client registries, advertisements and catalogues which mark out the history of Jaeger- LeCoultre to meaningful chronological benchmarks. Besides their historical interest, these archives constitute a constant source of inspiration. As if to provide a window on the past, a workbench like the one used by Antoine LeCoultre is also exhibited. With its weathered wood and original tools which we like to imagine could have been used a few hours before, this old furniture generates a profound emotion.

Atmos, Reverso, Memovox, Polaris… Their name makes enthusiasts dream… In the centre of the Heritage Gallery, a monumental glass wall captures your attention. Around a staircase that is as white as snow, this transparent wall exhibits 340 of the 1’ 262 mechanical movements designed, created and assembled by the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture. The smallest movement in the world is nestled among them, the calibre 101 weighing barely one gramme which was developed in 1929.

Throughout the visit, it is hard to not let yourself be captivated by the 413 patents of the Maison or the Millionometre. Invented in 1844 by Antoine LeCoultre, this genius’ instrument allowed us to measure microns, a unit of measurement that that didn’t exist yet at the time. Upstairs, where the atmosphere is more intimate, or even confidential, aesthetic masterpieces and exceptional pieces are set side by side without overshadowing each other in individual display cases. An opportunity to admire the renowned Hybris Mechanica collection.

At the end of the visit of this building filled with history, each guest enjoys a unique watchmaking journey to the heart of the Grande Maison, where the past illuminates the present to better reveal it… and set off from the Vallée de Joux with sparkles in their eyes…

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Weighs the Anchor at Kering Headquarters to Start 2020 Xploration

Announcing its partnership with the Vendée Globe around-the-world race, the addition of first “female Ulysses” Alessia Zecchini and friendship with photographer Sebastien Copeland, Ulysse Nardin proves that 2020 will be a stellar year for Xotic Xcitement and Xploration.

From Paris to Antarctica, Swiss watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin is spreading the word that 2020 will be a banner year for Xploration, elegance and oceanographic awareness. Ulysse Nardin’s parent company Kering hosted a gala evening at its headquarters in the 7th arrondissement celebrating the wave of Xcitement that will hit the shores in 2020. The evening was off to a thrilling start with an introduction by Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, followed by a speech by Ulysse Nardin’s own CEO Patrick Pruniaux.

On this momentous occasion, we are weighing the anchor on a new year and a new way of exploring our precious planet”, said Mr. Pruniaux.

The evening marked several momentous events, including Ulysse Nardin’s official announcement as of its partnership with the Vendée Globe race (official timekeeper), a daunting challenge during which one skipper captains his sailboat around the world with no stops, and no assistance. Vendée Globe Managing Director Laura Le Goff appeared in person to announce the alliance. To speak about the Vendée Globe better than anyone, Sebastien Destremau, French-Australian sailor and navigator was the master of the ceremony during the evening. Sebastian is a hero who made up his mind to attempt this fantastic Vendée Globe challenge – perhaps the greatest challenge of his life – in 2016.

Ulysse Nardin

Present in a stunning Yves Saint Laurent gown (rather than in her habitual wetsuit and fins) was Alessia Zecchini, the first “female Ulysse” to join the male adventurers already in friendships with the Swiss haute horlogerie brand.  A multiple world champion and multiple record-holding free diver Ms. Zecchini continues to reach new levels of excellence; amongst her other achievements, in 2019 alone she her won two gold medals and one silver and set two new world records European Indoor Championships in Istanbul. On her wrist, the Lady Diver Great White, part of the fresh line of female diving watches. “It looks as lovely in the light of a camera flash at a VIP event as it does in the ocean’s depths”, Ms. Zecchini said of her timepiece.

Also among the 150 seated guests at the gala “Banquet sur la Banquise” (Banquet on the Ice Floe) was Sebastien Copeland, an acclaimed photographer who has dedicated his life to capturing pictures of his beloved but what he is worried is our dying planet. The photographs of the Antarctic and the Arctic – Earth’s two extreme poles – are magnificent and terrifying; light blue icebergs, remnants of a time long past, punctuate dark seas, polar bears living and polar bears dying from the effects of a changing climate are awakening, breathtakingly beautiful and resounding images.

The elite group was also granted exceptional access to the 17th century chapel where the Pinault family has chosen to house part of its stunning art collection, which is only part of the art works amassed by Pinault over the past 40 years.

DJ Jade de Lavreille kept the Ulysse Nardin evening atmosphere lively with a playlist adapted specifically for the event.

Precision in Motion

Stylish, iconic and always on time! OMEGA watches have been renowned for their beauty and precision since 1848. Even today, many of the brand’s most famous models have achieved the highest certified standard of accuracy within the industry. To celebrate these qualities of exactness, OMEGA has teamed up with Swedish Artist Andreas Wannerstedt, to create a compelling series of timepiece animations.

Expectation for Precision

OMEGA’s high expectation for precision is a benchmark within the watchmaking industry. In recent years, the brand has introduced the Master Chronometer certification, which requires a watch to pass 8 stringent tests set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

“The quality of being exact enables flawless synchronisations within the seamless motion patterns.” – Andreas Wannerstedt, Motion Graphics Artist

A Long and Arduous Examination

The Master Chronometer certification process involves a long and arduous examination for each timepiece, but guarantees the highest official level of accuracy, chronometric performance and magnetic resistance.