Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

A magnificent line-up of 20 vintage Rolls-Royce motor cars provided a memorable spectacle at the Home of Rolls-Royce on Friday 4 September 2020.

The visit formed part of an exclusive event for members of the 20-Ghost Club, the world’s oldest Rolls-Royce car club, which is devoted solely to pre-1940 Rolls-Royce motor cars. The motor cars travelled to The Home of Rolls-Royce under their own power: of all the Rolls‑Royces produced since the marque’s foundation in 1904, almost three-quarters are still in perfect working order today. Models present included Rolls-Royce 20/25, Silver Ghost, Phantom I and Phantom II, the oldest being built in 1911.

Guests enjoyed a socially-distanced picnic lunch from specially-prepared hampers. As well as Champagne, each hamper included a jar of Rolls-Royce honey, a rare and precious commodity produced by the now-famous colony of 250,000 English honeybees that reside in the Goodwood Apiary.

Guests were also treated to a private viewing of the latest Rolls-Royce to bear the storied Ghost name, just three days after its global launch. Five years in development, new Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever created and a worthy successor to the previous model, which became the best-selling car in the company’s history. Built on the marque’s proprietary Architecture of Luxury aluminium spaceframe, new Ghost boasts a new, more powerful 6.75-litre V12 engine and enhanced driver aids, with more than 100kg (220lb) of internal acoustic damping materials eliminating all extraneous noise.


It was particularly special event for one car, as it celebrated its 100th birthday. Built in September 1920, the Silver Ghost has an open drive Limousine Body by HJ Mulliner, finished in silver and black. The car was acquired by its present owners in 2011 and has completed over 17,000 miles since then, mainly on 20-Ghost Club tours.


Andrew Ball, Head of Heritage, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said, “It is always a delight to welcome the 20-Ghost Club to our Home here at Goodwood. As the oldest Rolls-Royce car club in existence, they’re a very special part of the wider Rolls-Royce family and play a crucial role in maintaining our unique heritage. It was the Silver Ghost that first earned Rolls-Royce the accolade of ‘the best car in the world’ – and with new Ghost, we’re upholding and strengthening that reputation. When you see the earliest and latest models together you realise just how far advanced the original cars were, in terms of design technology and bespoke capabilities. Our new Ghost remains true to the original car’s founding principles of effortlessness, excellence and serenity.”

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
40M Sunreef Explorer

The 40M Sunreef Explorer is a versatile multihull craft dedicated to discovering new horizons. Her propulsion options allow for transoceanic range and solid performance in rough seas.

Blending elegance and modern technology, the 40M Sunreef Explorer can be heavily customized to match ambitious navigation plans. The extended aft deck houses a launching crane, a 7m tender, two jet skis and storage for a variety of water toys. With the hydraulic aft platform lowered, guests can enjoy a full-beam private beach.

40M Sunreef Explorer

The superyacht’s 13,34m beam provides for immense living areas totaling 654m² with accommodation spread across three decks. Custom features available for this concept include a playroom with a self-leveling pool table, a steam room or a master suite with a private fold-out balcony.

Alfresco relaxation areas include a large sun lounge with a spa pool surrounded by oversized sunpads and a bar as well as a vast bow terrace.

View of The MadHouse lausanne


So if you are planning a stay in the West part of Switzerland in your next few weeks, a gem that might be overlooked or not yet ticked on your vacation planner. Is the vibrant little city of Lausanne situated on the shores of Lake leman right in between Montreux and the city of Geneva!


Lausanne is home and headquarters to the International Olympic Committee, Philip Morris International and Nespresso. You’ll quickly be stunned by its incredible panoramas because Lausanne is built on the southern slope of the Swiss plateau and boasts a breathtaking scenery over the lake and the Alps. At the heart of this unique city lies the “Quartier du Flon” right next to “la Place D’Europe” home to shoppers, weekenders, artistes, couples, clubbers and people from all walks of life come to the centre of town enjoy the trendiest bars, restaurants, clubs and boutiques. For Lausanne, it’s Location, Location, Location!


Now if your planning on staying for a business trip or leisure during this beautiful season you absolutely must look up the “Ibis Styles Lausanne Center” or known locally as the “MadHouse” in the heart of town.


On arrival you a greeted at the Lobby with a smile and complimentary drinks and a coveted pass to enter the world-famous Mad club.

In the background is a carefully selected playlist playing the freshest beats and tunes. You’ll also want to try out there amazing selections of cocktails, wines, beers and finger foods. From the fantastic staff to the contemporary and trendy interior decoration, to the overall Sejour experience, the “Ibis Styles Mad House Hotel” stays true to its MadHouse brand DNA and motto, “MAY YOU ENTER AS GUESTS AND LEAVE AS FRIENDS.”

Mad House bar 01
MadHouse bar 02
MadHouse Bar wall
MadHouse Light bulbs


Let the MadHouse experience start; the rooms are located on three floors and each floor as it’s distinctive decor, spirit and atmosphere. 


On the first floor, you have a sense of “Imagine. Greeted with the portrait of John Lenon and the spirit of Lewis Carroll’s world-famous Alice and Wonderland, you’ll be guided and welcomed by the “White Rabbit” he’ll be watching over you. At the same time, you will dream peacefully in one of the there cosy and functional rooms.

MadHouse - Imagine lobby
Madhouse - Imagine room


With an undeniable link with the local urban art scene, you will enter this tasteful space knowing that a lot of care and thought went into crafting the experience. The rooms are decorated with unique artworks from local artists who again makes the visual appeal pop out, and you’ll want to take a quick pic of it right away.

MadHouse - Urban Art- Wall
MadHouse - Urban Art


Reflexion is where the Mad Club atmosphere and tribute truly comes to life. You’ll enter these rooms and be impressed to have your own functional “Disco Ball” in the shape of the “Peace Symbol.” Giving the impression of actually staying in your own private night club. 

MadHouse - Reflexion - room
MadHouse - Reflexion - disco ball


The stunning rooftop is a must place to spend your evening’s in town. The breathtaking panorama and exclusive location make this bar a trendy spot to savour their refreshing beverages and cocktails. A word of warning makes sure to book your table if you plan on accessing this space on a weekend night because it gets busy. The most original twist is that you can book your table using WhatsApp, which makes the process so effortless and contemporary.

View From The MadHouse Lausanne
Madhouse -rooftop


The MadHouse is again an absolute gem and find and a must-experience stop for your trips to Lausanne. The location, the experience and value for money and welcoming atmosphere will make you want to come back again and more importantly share your experience on Social Media and with your closest friends and relatives.

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Bentley Flying Spur Hero

Building on the success of Bentley’s strongest-ever portfolio of luxury grand tourers, a suite of new features is today being unveiled that will allow customers even greater choice when specifying their Bentley Flying Spur, with new luxury options and contemporary alternatives.

The Flying Spur can now be configured to include a four-seat configuration, semi-aniline leather, hand cross-stitching (consuming 115m of special thread equal to the height of Big Ben), veneered inserts for the rear doors and electrically operated picnic tables. These options are joined by two new technical finishes – carbon fiber and Côtes de Genève – and a newly designed steering wheel with increased safety functionality.

To the exterior, three new paint colours are introduced along with full access to the Bentley Mulliner palette of satin and pearlescent options, further enhanced by new wheel finishes and the option of full chrome front matrix grilles.

Bentley Flying Spur Wheels

An Interior Space of Even Greater Luxury

The new four-seat configuration benefits from a long-through console extending from the front console to the rear. The four-seat configuration makes the ultimate statement in design, comfort and luxury. The console includes a new housing for the 5” touchscreen remote, twin cup holders and extra stowage. The rear armrest includes a bright metal finisher and hides two USB ports and a 12v power socket. The armrest can be heated, with the option of a wireless charging point.

Hand cross stitch showcases the attention to detail and skill of those working at the Bentley factory in Crewe. The process takes 18 hours for one craftsperson and requires 11,100 hand sewn stitches to be made throughout the cabin. The unique thread has been designed to be extremely durable and uses special dyes to maintain its colour to last for the lifespan of the vehicle.

With semi-aniline leather not only are there benefits in a softer, more plush feeling leather but the reduced finish thickness means fewer processing treatments are required, improving sustainability. The leather is specifically used for seat inserts and has a more natural aspect bringing out the grain of the material. It is also more breathable due to the reduced thickness and is especially beneficial in hotter climates.

Bentley Flying Spur

Electrically operated picnic tables mounted in the rear of the front seat can be
deployed with a single press of a button. The veneer covered table lowers, selflevels and reveals a leather trimmed surface with a recess for a pen or stylus. Holding the button down the table elegantly returns to its home position.

Rear door veneer inserts complementing the picnic tables can be specified to accentuate the flowing styling lines from the front to rear cabin including the rear occupants in the ambience and design of the interior.

A new style steering wheel is launched as standard, with a revised shape and profile. The new wheel includes capacitive sensing throughout the wheel rim, allowing the steering wheel to detect when it is being held – a vital new safety measure for the car’s semi-autonomous Driver Assistance Systems, where new legislation stipulates that drivers must keep in contact with the wheel at all times when the car is moving.

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentleys designers also took this opportunity to revise the colour split of the steering wheel, added a jewelled bezel at the base of the vertical spoke which themselves have been reshaped.

Two new technical finishes in lieu of contemporary wood veneers are now available around the cabin of the Bentley Flying Spur, complementing its performance and technology. A high gloss carbon fibre technical finish can be chosen, providing a seamless geometric surface, flowing around the cockpit from one door to the other.

Similarly, the stunning Côtes de Genève finish, inspired by the precision-machined dust-catching treatment used by the finest watches, is now available to complete the centre console as per the Flying Spur’s Continental GT cousin. The Côtes de Genève technical finish is machined into aluminum just 0.6 mm thick, with the cutter moving from side to side to create a linear pattern. Each row is 5 mm wide and machined at an angle to give a truly three-dimensional finish, with each pass of the machine making a minute step of 0.5 mm.

Bentley Flying Spur

Greater Opportunity for Exterior Flair

From today, Bentleys is adding to its full spectrum of exterior paints with the introduction of three new options: Viridian, Patina and Snow Quartz.

Viridian is a modern take on the traditional British Racing Green, and the dark emerald metallic hue is inspired by that used on Bentley’s EXP10 Speed 6 concept car. The deep agate green with light green and blue undertones creates depth and a sporty dimension, and tiny flecks of amber and gold embody a sense of luxury.

Patina is inspired by the beautiful atmosphere and aura of polished metals with blends of champagne and silk. With an air of luxury and opulence, this mid-tone cream is enriched with the faintest hint of subtle greens.

Bentley Flying Spur Wheels

Snow Quartz is a modern white three layer pearlescent paint which creates a simple and fresh silhouette. The finely layered pearl effect creates a beautiful shimmering and lustrous whiteness, providing an infinite number of opportunities to complement interior colour combinations.

The complete extended range palette also becomes available now, including Bentley Mulliner satin finish and pearlescent paints as well as full bespoke colour matching on request. Along with the new paint colours, and in response to customer feedback, the main radiator grille matrix can now be specified so that all front grille areas can be selected with a bright chrome finish.

When specifying the Blackline Specification, which replaces all exterior bright chrome with gloss black versions, over 75% of Continental GT customers select black wheels. To mirror this option for Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley is introducing a gloss black wheel and a black-and-machine-finished version, allowing customers to match their wheels to their choice of brightware.

Bentley Continental GT

This summer, customers of the iconic Continental GT coupe and convertible will have a greater choice of exterior paint colours, a new style steering wheel and the ability to specify a panoramic glass roof on the V8-engined GT coupe in addition to the W12.

From today, Bentley is adding to its full spectrum of exterior paints available on the Continental GT family with the introduction of three new options:
Viridian, Patina and Snow Quartz. With the addition of the panoramic glass roof and further paint colours the number of configurations possible continues to grow, nearly surpassing 10 billion variations that a customer can personalise to their requirements.

Bentley Continental GT

Viridian is a modern take on the traditional British Racing Green, and the dark emerald metallic hue is inspired by that used on Bentley’s EXP10 Speed 6 concept car. The deep agate green with light green and blue undertones creates depth and a sporty dimension, and tiny flecks of amber and gold embody a sense of luxury.

Patina is inspired by the beautiful atmosphere and aura of polished metals with blends of champagne and silk. With an air of luxury and opulence, this mid-tone cream is enriched with the faintest hint of subtle greens.

Continental GT

Snow Quartz is a modern white three layer pearlescent paint which creates a simple and fresh silhouette. The finely layered pearl effect creates a beautiful shimmering and lustrous whiteness, providing an infinite number of opportunities to complement interior colour combinations.

Bentley’s panoramic glass roof is now available on all Continental GT coupes – alongside the new Bentayga and new Flying Spur – giving a new perspective whilst illuminating the exquisite craftsmanship of the cabin. The sunroof is equipped with polarised glass that reduces glare allowing occupants a clearer view of their surroundings, and an interior blind that is electronically operated from the console within. The blind is clad in Alcantara® to match one of the 15 headliner colours available.

Bentley Continental GT

A new style steering wheel is introduced as standard, with a revised shape and profile. The new wheel includes capacitive sensing throughout the wheel rim, allowing the steering wheel to detect when it is being held – a vital new safety measure for the car’s semi-autonomous Driver Assistance Systems, where new legislation stipulates that drivers must keep in contact with the wheel at all times when the car is moving.

Bentley designers also took this opportunity to revise the colour split of the steering wheel creating a more elegant look and finished with a chrome bezel at the bottom of the vertical spoke.

Bentley Bentayga - Hallmark

Bentley has today announced details of the new Bentayga – the definitive luxury SUV, and the first car launched under Bentley’s Beyond100 business plan. With more than 20,000 Bentaygas handcrafted since the car’s launch – more than any of its competitors – the new Bentayga is set to build on an incredible success story to date.

A new exterior design adopts the Bentley design DNA now prevalent across the entire model range, giving Bentley the freshest and most modern product family of any luxury car company. Introducing the very latest onboard technology and an even more cosseting cabin, the new model is significantly revised both inside and out.

Combining the abilities of a performance grand tourer, a luxury limousine, a spacious family car and an off-roader, the new Bentayga follows its predecessor’s mantle of having the broadest brief of any car on sale today.

The car that established the luxury SUV sector has been enhanced to create the ultimate in power, luxury and usability. Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Crewe, England, the extraordinary new Bentayga builds further on the outstanding success of its predecessor.

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, comments:

“From its moment of launch nearly five years ago, the Bentayga has been the very definition of the luxury SUV. Like the Continental GT, the Bentayga created an entirely new part of the market, and since we set the benchmark many others have joined the sector, but no other car can offer a breadth of ability to rival the Bentayga.

“With the new Bentayga, we’re repositioning the pinnacle of the luxury SUV segment to be even higher, even further away from the competition. We’ve listened to our customers and made improvements to the areas most important to them, and the new Bentayga is a thoroughly modern and beautiful extension of the original car’s abilities and achievements.”

New Bentayga - Hallmark

New Bentayga – Summary

Key to the new Bentayga is its strikingly dynamic look, which draws inspiration from the marque’s new design language, introduced by the third-generation Continental GT and all-new Flying Spur. Together, the three cars form a new family that are more visually connected than ever before. The bold styling offers an imposing road presence, with every panel at the front of the car redesigned for a cleaner, modern look.

The larger, assertive matrix grille is now more upright, while new, intelligent LED matrix headlamp technology includes the signature Bentley design inspired by cut crystal glassware. A more aggressive front bumper emphasises the performance characteristics of the car. Heated, wet-arm windscreen wipers are introduced for the first time, with 22 washer jets in each arm.

New Bentley Bentayga - Alpine Green

At the rear, the new Bentayga has undergone a major transformation, with a total redesign of the rear surfaces including a new full-width tailgate with new encapsulated lamps, while the licence plate has been moved down into the bumper for a cleaner appearance. Wide, split tailpipes leave no doubt that this is a powerful performance car. A 20 mm increase to the rear track width brings dynamic benefit and repositions the wheels in their arches to improve the car’s stance. The wheels themselves are a new design, unique to Bentayga.

The Bentayga’s highly praised interior has been significantly revised in the latest model. Among the major changes are a new centre fascia and steering wheel, new door trims and all-new seats – now available with ventilation in the rear of the five-seat cabin option. Passengers in the rear also enjoy significantly more space, with legroom increased by up to 100 mm depending on configuration.

New Bentayga - Alpine Green

A next generation infotainment system is integrated seamlessly into the handcrafted, Bentley ‘wing’ dashboard design and features a 10.9-inch display screen with edge-to-edge graphics. The all-new digital display includes super high-resolution and dynamic graphics which are configurable to suit driver preferences.

The latest hardware and software bring all-new navigation with satellite maps, online search and other features. Wireless Apple CarPlay is standard for the first time, alongside the existing wired system, along with Android Auto (market dependant). Rear seat occupants benefit from the introduction of a new, larger touchscreen remote control tablet, similar to that introduced in the all-new Flying Spur.

Connectivity around the car has been significantly improved, with USB-C data ports and a wireless phone charger now standard. New Bentayga is now provided with an embedded SIM, as with the latest Continental GT models, meaning My Bentley connected car features no longer require customers to provide their own data connection. My Bentley in-car and remote services is a continually developing range of services available to customers through a dedicated app, available both on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Bentley - Bentayga

The luxurious interior can be further enhanced with the application of dark tint diamond brushed aluminium trim for the first time in a Bentley, as well as two straight-grained veneers new to Bentayga: Koa and Crown Cut Walnut. Mulliner Driving Specification adds a new quilting design, and micro piping detailing is a new option for the seats.

The new model will initially be launched in Bentayga V8 guise offering supercar performance balanced with everyday usability, with the plug-in Hybrid and W12-powered Speed versions to follow this year. The V8’s 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged petrol engine develops an impressive 542 bhp (550 PS) and 568 lb.ft (770 Nm) of torque.

Chris Cole, Product Line Director for Bentayga, comments:

“With new Bentayga, our objective was relatively straightforward – to take the best and make it even better. To do this, we listened closely to our existing Bentayga customers, then addressed their comments to ensure the new model offers an even more complete, all-round proposition.

“New Bentayga reflects the truly sophisticated qualities and design make-up of other members of the Bentley family, such as the new Continental GT and all-new Flying Spur. It was already the pinnacle of the luxury SUV sector but now we have taken it even higher.”

Déclaration Perfume

Father’s Day by Cartier

Luxury fragrances, elegant watches, high-quality accessories including leather bags and wallets, and much more: French watch and jewellery maker Cartier is home to countless gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Discover Cartier’s latest collections and find the perfect gift for your father!

Tank Solo Cartier

Tank Solo Watch

The modest, modern design of the Tank Solo watch made it a classic from the moment it first appeared in the Tank collection. The Tank Solo honours the unique aesthetic that lies behind the collection’s success while reworking the model with a number of variations.

Watch Crown Decor Cufflinks

Watch Crown Decor Cufflinks

Cartier has designed an accessories collection that fully represents its tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately crafted pieces act as faithful, precious companions, offering an ever-present touch of elegance.

Déclaration Perfume

Déclaration Perfume

A fragrance for saying the things that matter. An emotional fragrance leaving a woody, spiced trail enlivened with a note of freshness.

Santos de Cartier Bracelet

Santos de Cartier Bracelet

The “Santos” men’s jewellery collection marries modesty with elegance. This distinctive line features exposed screws and a subtle blend of yellow gold and steel.

Santos-Dumont Rollerball Pen

Santos-Dumont Rollerball Pen

Available in lacquer, mother-of-pearl, solid gold, hardstone and leather-encased versions, Cartier pens are a signature of unique taste in fine accessories. These most precious writing instruments offer a perfectly proportioned shaft and cap and a 750-gold flexible nib.

Omega Sunglasses

The golden days of summer are back – and after all that’s happened this year – it’s never felt so good being out in the sun. Just in time for these long-awaited days outdoors, OMEGA has raised the style game with a unique collection of eyewear and sunglasses, with designs that borrow from the brand’s iconic universe, while also projecting an image of contemporary cool.

Sunglasses Pilot Style

The first bright idea has been to pair a retro feminine look with features from OMEGA’s watchmaking past – as seen in the women’s square style. Like the warm goodbye of a setting sun, the metallic frames shine in pink gold, and deliver classically fluted rims as well as the famous Seamaster wave pattern on the temple tips. It’s a design that certainly echoes the film-star years of the French Riviera, while still remaining up-to-date with touches of modern luxury.

Omega Lifestyle

Sticking with timeless sophistication, OMEGA has also given the popular men’s pilot style its own sharp twist. Whether you’re driving with the top down, or commanding a deck chair by the pool, this pale gold design has a true jet-setter spirit, thanks to the Italian-made construction, Dark Havana inserts, and the typically Swiss addition of OMEGA’s watch crown logo on the temple tips.

Omega Lifestyle

Finally, the vintage inspiration is complete with a round unisex style featuring smoky lenses and an innovative blend of acetate and metal in shiny palladium and black. Although that may sound rather futuristic, there’s no mistaking the flashback design with blinkers and a double bridge. This is the Omega Sunglasses pair to wear on the hottest days, when the sun you’ve been waiting for is streaming in from all directions.

Check out these styles and many more from OMEGA’s complete sunglasses collection – now in the spotlight at

Cartier Trinity Ring

Mother’s Day by Cartier

Special occasions like Mother’s Day require original gift ideas, and French watch and jewellery maker Cartier is home to beautiful creations. From luxury watches and elegant jewels, to fine writing instruments and colourful scarves, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day awaits.

Panthère de Cartier

Panthère de Cartier Watch

At once a watch and jewel, the Panthère de Cartier timepiece is one of the most distinctive Cartier designs. Born in the 80s and more contemporary than ever, it is a true style icon for women who wish never to go unnoticed.

Cartier Logo Necklace

Logo Necklace

The “Logo Cartier” collection bears the Cartier stamp as testimony to a jewellery-making tradition. The “double C” signature initially employed by Louis Cartier elegantly adorns bracelets, rings and earrings.

Cartier Love Bracelet

Love Bracelet

 A child of 1970s New York, the Love collection serves to seal love that transgresses convention. The stark screws, ideal oval shape and undeniable elegance establish the piece as a timeless tribute to passionate romance. Studded with diamonds, yellow gold or rose gold: how far would you go for Love?

Cartier Trinity Ring

Trinity Ring

Conceived by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity ring is one of the Maison’s signature pieces of jewellery. The three interlaced and mobile bands, open for interpretation by the wearer, are the timeless inspiration behind an iconic collection, a symbol of style and elegance.

Diamants Légers Earrings

Diamants Légers Earrings

“Diamants Légers” celebrates the elegance of simplicity. Exceptional diamonds are selected by expert jewellers and set on light gold chains.

Rolls Royce Coachbuild Sweptail

Coachbuild. Only by Rolls‑Royce – the Pinnacle of Bespoke

For those who value rarity in its most authentic form, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars introduce Coachbuild, a truly singular creation. Only Rolls-Royce is capable of fulfilling such an ambitious vision, invoking both legacy and destiny to craft the purest representation of luxury. Coachbuild is an extraordinary design collaboration between patron and artisan.

Coachbuild Sweptail

Conception begins with a single line on paper. Free of the constraints of time and unburdened by limitations, this is an experience without compromise. Every line is refined. Every surface is purposefully shaped. Every request is realised with absolute devotion to the will of the patron.

For one patron, the result was Sweptail – a motor car like no other.

Coachbuild Sweptail

Sweptail – the Story

The automotive equivalent of haute couture, Sweptail is the result of inspiration from a special patron’s admiration of his favourite cars of the early 20th Century, as well as many classic and modern yachts. Svelte tapering, an elegantly falling waist-rail, the flowing roofline and a distinctive swept tail are all desires that Rolls-Royce honed and crafted into a motor car that, without question, fits to the marque’s DNA.

Coachbuild Sweptail

Inside a Modern-Day Icon

An uninterrupted glass roof floods the interior with natural light – an interior ruled by a philosophy that equates elegance with simplicity. Switchgear is minimal, making way for the richest of materials to rise to the forefront of attention. Polished Macassar Ebony and open-pore Paldao create visual and tactile contrasts with the light Moccasin and Dark Spice leathers of the seats, armrests and fascia surround.

Coachbuild Sweptail

A Personal Journey

The creation of a coachbuilt Rolls-Royce is as equally about the result as it is the artistic journey. For the special patron, this leads to a Rolls-Royce and an experience like no other before.

Omega Nato Straps


Your watch and Nato Straps should go together perfectly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different combinations. Why not mix things up and see what happens? You may discover a look that’s as individual as you are.

Omega Nato Straps


NATO straps are not only practical and comfortable to wear; they also look great and add a casual, warm-weather style to a watch. The OMEGA range includes NATO straps in high-quality polyamide or leather, in a countless variety of patterns and colors, all fixed with stainless steel buckles.

nato watch strap


Like the originals that inspired them, OMEGA’s “NATO” straps can easily be adjusted to any length and are thus perfectly suited to every wrist (or even the outside of a uniform!).


Blue is always high on the list of favourite colours – and for good reason: it’s a classic shade that goes beautifully with other colours. Our NATO range makes generous use of blue, as a solid colour or in striped patterns. Explore the many options and see how well blue works with your watch.

Omega Nato Straps Vintage


OMEGA’s “NATO” straps evolved from the leather and canvas ones used by British pilots, navigators and army personnel during World War Two. For safety reasons, wristwatches did not use removable spring bars to secure their straps. Their fixed bars, often soldered, were less likely to break than spring bars so there was less chance of losing the strap. Of course, this meant that the straps were created in a single piece that slide through the fixed bars.

Escapism Luggage Collection

Capturing the essence of the wandering spirit, Rolls-Royce presents the Escapism Luggage Collection. The essential luggage range for those who travel for enriching experiences and spontaneous moments of discovery.

Crafted from exquisite leather and durable canvas. This essential range of pieces is beautiful in form, yet relaxed and contemporary. Choose from a number of curated colour ways or for the ultimate bespoke interpretation of your personality choose from ten leather colours and eleven fabric hues.

Escapism Luggage Collection

The pieces available in the collections are as follows:

  • 48hr Weekender
  • 24hr Weekender
  • Holdall
  • Tote Bag
  • Optional organiser pouch

The Escapism Luggage can be purchased as a full four piece set or as individual bags.

Escapism Luggage Collection