MESSIKA Summer Vibes

Valérie Messika creates a bright and playful summer shoot rich in spirit with a zest for life, showcased by the exquisite model, Ilona Smet. The key codes across this invitation tempting one to travel are: color, freshness and undeniable ‘joie de vivre.’ Messika women always know how to have a good time. They know how to enjoy life through work and play, and yet remain dreamers at heart. They keep collections of necklaces and bracelets to layer. They stack earrings and ear cuffs across piercings – mixing and matching different jewels in their ears. All the while, the look is always complete by pairing rings that dazzle on their fingers.

What better way is there to celebrate life than with a hint of color? The Lucky Move collection was created in 2019 and is now available in both maxi and mini versions which can be worn around the neck and across fingers. The collection envisioned by Valérie Messika has been enriched even more by jewels developed with dashes of color.

The new jewels for summer are from the My Move collection, offering a vast range of color combinations from vivid citrus shades including Venetian yellow and tangerine orange to raspberry pink and turquoise tones. My Move is the must-have bracelet for Summer 2021. A special jewel to be shared across the sexes with nine different Move motifs and thirty-three leather bracelets provide an infinite number of combinations to be customized. It is easy to fall in love with this easy-to-wear novelty for everyday wear and will quickly become coveted to collect and pair across a summer wardrobe down to the swimsuit. Mixing and matching has never been so playful and so effortless.

Sofia Rising

Last night, Brazilian model Sofia Rising looked magnetic in Messika Jewelry on the red carpet of the Premiere “France” by Bruno Dumont at the Cannes Film Festival. She wore the fantastic Bohemian Chic set from the Messika By Kate Moss High Jewelry collection.

Rose Bertram in Messika

The AmFar gala is one of the world’s most successful benefit events and the most coveted ticket in town during the Cannes Film Festival. The star-studded event his held each year to  benefit the Foundation for AIDS Research and has raised more than $235 million for life-saving research programs. This year the Gala was at Villa Eilen Roc in Cap d’Antibes.

The Belgian model Rose Bertram added a touch of diamonds to her outfit with the Unchained Soul bracelet and the Released Sun ring from the Messika by Kate Moss High Jewelry collection.

Cartier Sixième Sens

The New Collection Sixième Sens Par Cartier

Illustrates the Soulfulness Particular to High Jewellery, an Expression of Art with the Power to Move Like No Other.

An Art Form with Unique Emotional Power. Caught Between Surprise and Wonder, the Gaze Is Captured, Absorbed and Lost in the Fascinating Depths of Thousand‑Year‑Old Stones, Awakening the Most Vivid of Emotions.

With a stylised feline interpretation, organic textures and shards of coloured light, shimmering gems electrify while stones in flavoursome hues of ripe fruits summon up scents of distant paradises.

Using trompe-l’oeil and graphic patterns, optical illusions and the power of evocation, compositions play with earthly gravity in radiant transfigurations of reality. Quivering in the light, jewels come to life upon contact with the skin.

By challenging our perceptions, this collection leads us into a world of sensory stimulation, as each sense comes alive including the sixth sense: a staggering feeling of emotion that touches the heart.

How do you add to the beauty of an 8.20 carat ruby? How do you enhance that which is already exceptional? Behind the architecture of this ring is a tiered construction that allows a 4.01 carat rose-cut diamond to be inserted directly below the magnificent stone that sits at the top. When the light hits the diamond after first passing through the ruby, its rich red hue is intensified.

The structure integrates groups of triangular diamonds while maintaining the ring’s airy appearance. Along with tiny ruby balls, diamonds surround the central stone, arranged with subtle openings to allow them to catch the light, illuminating the ruby.

The Contrasts Between the Different Sizes of Stones and Different Hues Are Amplified by a Setting Designed to Be as Inconspicuous as Possible.

Diamonds, Onyx and Rock Crystal Form a Hypnotic Checkerboard on a Necklace That Seems to Be Alive With Perpetual Movement.

The purity of the motif is also its strength. The stones appear to multiply ad infinitum an optical illusion that is made all the more striking by the relief of the piece as each element is mounted at a different level.

Movement, rhythm, and all spatial and temporal references are lost in a precious mosaic of gemstones. The blurring of perspective is complemented by a play of materials and light between mirror-polished metal and graphic black onyx.

As always with Cartier, particular attention has been paid to the back of the piece, which reveals the exact reverse of the front.

At its centre lies a 21.51-carat sapphire cabochon, with an intense blue hue which seems to glow from within. Around it, five parentheses of radiant diamonds and emeralds reflect the light, fanning out like the surface of a lake. Black lacquer creates shadow effects to reinforce the impression of movement, supported by the original width of the ring, which spans three fingers, with slightly mobile tips.

As an ultimate refinement, the motif can be detached and worn as a brooch.

Created at the very beginning of the 20th century, this combination of sapphires and emeralds, named the “peacock motif” by Louis Cartier, is part of the Maison’s emblematic colour palette.

Tina Kunakey in Messika

Last night, Messika rocked the red carpet of the Premiere “Stillwater” by Tom McCarthy.

Tina Kunakey was looking majestic on the red carpet during Cannes Film Festival.

The model was wearing a spectacular gown adorned with a Messika iconic Toi & Moi Diamond High Jewelry ring and a pair of discrete earrings.

The Udyana Necklace

A colour combination emblematic of the style of the Maison since the 1920s, Tutti Frutti brings the Udyana necklace alive.

Created in the High Jewellery ateliers of the Maison, this one-of-a-kind piece takes its name from the Sanskrit word for garden. It celebrates nature at its most luxuriant and colourful, through a profusion of motifs and precious stones including sapphires, rubies and engraved emeralds. For Cartier, the necklace not only represents a continuation of expertise, but also the Maison’s tradition for transformable jewellery that can be worn in multiple ways.

Cartier Udyana Necklace

The Udyana Necklace and Its Exceptional Central Stone

The Udyana necklace forms a rich canopy of ribbed emerald balls studded with rubies and topped with an impressive 67.7-carat engraved ruby pendant from Mozambique.

In addition to its impressive weight, the stone is a fascinating pinkish red colour with a touch of orange. Its uniqueness lies in the hexagonal shape which provides an ideal space for the carved floral motif. This engraving is entirely carried out by hand, using a technique developed by the Mughals in the 17th century.

Cartier Sixieme Sens

The choice of stones lies at the heart of the creative process for the Udyana necklace, as for every piece of Cartier high jewellery, in a tribute to their beauty, as well as to the beauty of nature.

When it comes to selecting coloured stones, a quest for excellence dictates Cartier’s choices each time. The jeweller is looking for an extra something that will allow for a dialogue between the stone and the creator. What story does it tell; where does it come from; what does this emerald cut into a ribbed ball, this sapphire or this flowered ruby evoke? The stones inspire Cartier, which in turn offers them an appropriate setting for their beauty.

Each of them must meet the highest standards of excellence and quality set by the Maison’s experts. It’s a duty and a responsibility, both social and environmental, pioneered by Cartier as an early adopter of responsible commitment in terms of sourcing coloured stones.

Cartier Udyana Necklace

The Udyana Necklace: A Question of Savoir-Faire

Harmony of composition and the naturalness of the branches and buds was a priority for the workshops that created the Udyana necklace.

Cartier Sixieme Sens

The challenge began with the design, and how to associate the cut and engraved stones.

Each stone then required a jeweller to make a bezel to size by hand, for insertion into the veins of the leaves.

The leaves themselves were linked by a tree of diamond-set stems, each of which is different, to maximise the naturalness of the whole.

Added to this jewellery prowess, is the complexity inherent in any transformable piece, designed to be worn in several different ways. A pendant to be worn alone, a brooch, and necklace all in one, the piece is designed to be changed as desired without any visible engineering, whilst the whole remains secure.

The pendant can be detached and fixed on a chain, while the main necklace can be worn as is, and the back pendant can be worn as a brooch.

Alicia Keys in Messika - 2021 Billboard Music Awards

Last Sunday night, American singer Alicia Keys was radiant in Messika Paris at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

Alicia Keys in Messika - 2021 Billboard Music Awards

 Alicia Keys was shining with the Bascules ES Hoops and the Equilibristes Asymmetrical Earring both from the ‘Voltige’ High Jewelry Collection.

Antonia Gentry in Messika MTV Awards

Last night, Messika rocked the 29th Annual MTV Movie & TV Awards, which were held in person Sunday night at the Hollywood Palladium.

Actress Lana Condor hit the red carpet with her Messika statement earrings – Danceurs Aériens from the Voltige High Jewelry collection, with the Concorde High Jewelry ring. 

Lana Condor in Messika MTV Awards

Ginny & Georgia starlet Antonia Gentry officially made her red carpet debut in Messika jewelries. She wore the Équilibristes High Jewelry earrings, paired with the 2 Toi & Moi High Jewelry rings, and the iconic My Twin rings. 

Antonia Gentry in Messika MTV Awards
Rosé in Tiffany

Tiffany & Co. announces member of girl group BLACKPINK and solo artist, ROSÉ, as its new global ambassador. ROSÉ, who has become one of the most idolized young women in music and fashion, will debut her new role in the 2021 Tiffany City HardWear digital campaign.

Rosé in Tiffany

“I’ve always loved wearing Tiffany jewelry. To be part of an iconic brand that has been part of my life for a long time makes it that much more special to me,” says ROSÉ. “I am very honored and excited to be a part of the HardWear campaign and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Based on a 1971 bracelet from The Tiffany Archive and having debuted in 2017, Tiffany City HardWear is inspired by the edge and energy of New York City. The campaign highlights the collection’s gauge links and industrial shapes—bold designs that play with tension, proportion and balance.

Maria Bakalova in Messika

Maria Bakalova was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘Borat’ dazzled in Messika jewelries. She was wearing the asymmetrical Twisted Wave earrings, from the Messika by Kate Moss High Jewelry collection.

Messika Paris - Twisted Wave
Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Last Sunday night, Messika Paris rocked the BAFTA in London. 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw looked radiant, as she arrived on the BAFTA red carpet, wearing the iconic My Twin Multishapes earrings associated with the High Jewelry Illusionnistes clip and the Desert Bloom Marquise ring. 

Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra

The Hypnotic Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra Adds to the Brilliance of Bvlgari’s Colour Treasure Story

Worthy of the Queen of the Nile herself, the Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra is the latest chapter in Bvlgari’s love affair with the iconic serpent, brought to life with an intense passion for gloriously bold combinations of coloured gemstones and a touch of majestic irreverence. Part of a new chapter in Bvlgari’s Colour Treasures series, this High-Jewellery, one-of-a-kind cuff watch showcases the Roman jewellery house’s expertise in gemstones, with a magnificently opulent and eye-catching new skin revealing a precious surprise: a diamond-set dial, hidden behind a faceted hexagonal see-through rubellite of over 5 carats. Only Bvlgari, the Master of Colour, could create such a harmony of brilliant gemstones in a new landmark watch that proudly joins the Colour Treasures series of spectacular jewellery-watch creations. With the arrival of the Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra, Bvlgari reaffirms its reputation as the Roman Jeweller of Time as it once again raises the bar in terms of both design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Bulgari Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra

A Magnetic Methamorphosis

It wraps softly and sensually embraces; it keeps secrets, dominates the day and shines at night… The eclectic metamorphosis of Serpenti amazes every time with the mystic power of renovating while remaining itself, authentic and unmistakable. The enigmatic animal has wound its way through Bvlgari’s rich design heritage, appearing in many different and alluring guises. The snake is believed to have talismanic powers and is an emblem of wisdom, rebirth and vitality. The Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra is an abstract interpretation of the snake and though uncompromisingly contemporary, its irresistible style is reminiscent of the cuff bracelets worn by the powerful rulers of Ancient Egypt, and of Cleopatra herself. Bvlgari has attracted some of the most powerful women of our times, and in 1962 Elizabeth Taylor was photographed at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome, wearing an exquisite gold Serpenti bracelet-watch while on the set of the film Cleopatra. Taylor, known for her love of jewellery, was seduced by the charm and symbolism of the Bvlgari Serpenti in gold and diamonds, with gleaming emerald eyes. The black and white photograph of the most famous actress of the moment wearing the iconic Serpenti bracelet captured the world’s imagination and indelibly linked the Roman Jeweller with legendary Divas.

Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra

A Contemporary Take On High-Jewellery Watches

While other Bvlgari snakes have coiled themselves around the wrist, the Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra is a flexible manchette or cuff watch with a diamond-set dial, elegantly concealed beneath a faceted rubellite. The resolutely contemporary style of the watch draws on Bvlgari’s legacy of daring design and focuses on the snake’s scales, which are set with striking colour combinations of luminous, smooth-surfaced gemstones. The choice of a rainbow of nine vivid gemstones surrounded by snow-set diamonds offers a unique High-Jewellery watch stamped with Bvlgari’s inimitable confidence, executed with the highest standards of high-jewellery craftsmanship.

Bulgari Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra

A glorious display of jewellery making prowess, realised by Bvlgari’s master goldsmiths and gem-setters, each of the three-dimensional scales is unique in shape and size to ensure the conical shaped cuff is beautifully fluid and comfortable to wear. Bvlgari’s highly skilled jewellery designers worked hand in hand with the gemmology team to achieve the intense vibrancy of colour displayed by the nine different gemstones: pairs of faceted hexagonal amethysts and citrines, an aquamarine, rubellite, Chrome tourmaline, tanzanite and a peridot with a total weight of over 50 carats, accompanied by close to 4,000 snow-set diamonds. Setting the gemstones alone took more than 470 hours of meticulous work, with each of the six-sided gems custom cut to fit the design, sacrificing up to two-thirds of their volume to achieve the perfect clarity, brilliance and saturation of colour. The dial is entirely set with diamonds and covered with a facetted hexagonal transparent rubellite, originally measuring nearly 10 carats.

The Serpenti Misteriosi Cleopatra goes one step further in confirming Bvlgari’s commitment to fusing the most sophisticated Haute Joaillerie know-how with Swiss watchmaking savoir-faire to offer outstandingly opulent and audaciously colourful High-Jewellery timepieces into a triumph of quintessential joie de vivre.