The snake in perpetual motion lends itself to all manner of bold moves. Before being a watchmaking success, theSerpenti watch by Bulgari is first and foremost a style statement. An attitude. This watch is a true classic. The animal symbol revisited by Bulgari is smoothly and surely reinvented in a black or white high-tech ceramic version. Serpenti Spiga: the fresh and youthful charm of this snake, featuring a touch of precious metal evoking the jeweller’s DNA, is bound to turn heads wherever it appears. The diamond-set pink gold bezel, along with the bracelet lug and the serpent’s tail, also in pink gold, create a subtle contrast with the highly contemporary overall ceramic look.

Serpenti Spiga embodies a technical challenge, since making a flexible and articulated Tubogas type bracelet in ceramic represents a new form of prowess from the Rome-based Maison, known for its excellence in working with materials and presenting ever renewed innovations. But Spiga is also a bold move in style terms, once again overturning the style codes of precious watchmaking to infuse them with a modern, fresh and sensual touch. This new watch immediately exudes a sense of voluptuous glamour. It makes no secret of its seductive appeal, starting with the soft feel of ceramic on the skin. Voluptuous charm is a theme dear to the heart of Bulgari designers and a natural part of the Italian temperament.

The snake is the lucky-charm animal among Bulgari creations. It now appears in an incredible seductive, modern and powerful guise. It pops up where one least expects it, while remaining entirely in harmony with the spirit of Rome. Aesthetically daring while renouncing none of its inherent elegance, Serpenti Spiga flaunt its rock’n’roll extravagance and diverts aesthetic codes, the better to modernise and transcend them.