Bulgari is a true snake-charmer. Witness the new collections reinterpreting this unmistakable signature of the Rome-based Maison. A symbol of perpetual renewal, the animal figure slides its way into countless fresh fields of expression this year, reborn in the form of captivating contemporary interpretations. In a nutshell, Serpenti plays with every imaginable option in the creative palette, once again adapting to each of them with disconcerting ease.

Serpenti Incantati gives a new lease on life to this animal symbol. After coiling around the wrist, the snake is now reinvented by wrapping itself for the very first time around the case of a round watch: the reptile literally twines itself around the watch dial, admirably framing an entirely skeleton-worked Manufacture tourbillon calibre. This airily graceful movement is a work of art: the mainplate and bridges are crafted in pink or white gold, the flanks are straight-grained, the rims and sinks are all chamfered and systematically polished. The steel parts are complemented by the kind of surface finishes cherished by Haute Horlogerie: circular graining and snailing set the finishing touches to this precious craftsmanship contributing to a spectacular result.

Available in two versions, the new Serpenti Incantati Skeleton Tourbillon entirely renews the theme through a modern design. The splendid Serpenti Incantati – or enchanting snake – is magnificently tamed in a whole new way, through a bewitching interpretation celebrating the union of Haute Horlogerie and High Jewellery. Each part of the snake’s head and body has been entirely rethought and redesigned through extremely contemporary, soft and stylised lines. Although Bulgari domesticates its serpent, the latter continues to appear as if in perpetual motion.

Boundless expressive territory

The new expressive territory opened up by Serpenti Incantati is literally boundless. Just it does in a version equipped with a horological complication, the entrancing serpent appears with equal ease in the form of a dainty jewellery watch, smoothly gracing four variations in which it steadfastly embraces the precious case. Serpenti Incantati comes in a rubellite-set version with a pink gold case and satin strap or a matching jewellery bracelet; or in a diamond-set white gold variation with a satin strap or matching jewellery bracelet – all in a 30mm size.

This precious and refined watch testifies to the high degree of technical mastery cultivated by the master artisans in Bulgari’s High Jewellery ateliers. The finesse and the quality of the gemsetting, as well as the ways in which the stones are assembled and adjusted, are truly remarkable. One also notes the amazingly flexible feel of the gemset bracelets that are extremely pleasant to wear, since Bulgari focuses on achieving a distinctive sensuality for its jewellery that makes each piece supremely comfortable as well as radiant. The snake’s tail flows over the wrist and coils around it with supple grace, testifying to the flexibility and sense of movement characterising Bulgari jewellery creations.