Bulgari calls it "resolutely nonconformist"; a beautifully opulent, dainty watch that has been derived from jewelry timepieces with a refined taste, yet untamed with its free, liberal charm. The Piccola Catene, coined after the small chains that surrounds the entire design, is among the manufacture's latest offering. It heavily reflects Bulgari's expertise in jewelry making, evident in its meticulously crafted bracelet and a fresh, contemporary attitude without throwing away any of the maison's standards. The neo-retro aura is what makes it likeable; it is fresh and new to the eye, despite its intricate design and heavily laden chains dispersed on the wrist like one's second skin.

This design focus on the essentials. Bulgari manages to mingle the rich Roman heritage with its own goldsmithing excellence; something nostalgically classical. Showcasing its chain-making tradition, Piccola Catene manages to push the creative drive of the maison, allowing the collection to evolve into a bold piece of jewelry that is a perfect means of expressing surprise and unconventionality. The Rome-based house took its imaginative liberties to play, breaking traditions but keeping true to their original passion.

Everything about Piccola Catene conveys nothing but Bulgari. Mundane objects and everyday shapes are revisited and were committed into new interpretations, producing fresh ideas that divert from the original notion. The chain motif, the highlight of the timepiece, becomes the main bracelet of this feminine watch. It encircles a delicate 22mm case that bears the brand's signature on the bezel. This watch perfectly accompanies the elegant female on a night event, but it is also a perfect daytime wear.

In an ingenuous expression, Bulgari manages to draw out inspiration from already existing elements and interprets them into new, talented ways, based on fresh style codes. The brand takes a page from its previous approaches as lessons, while continually exploring possibilities for its offerings. Piccola Catene becomes a perfect example of a jewelry inspiration reflected in a glamorous and elegant muse. It is genuinely tailor-made for the woman whose desires are dominated by sophisticated luxury, and nothing less than the grand construction of a majestic accessory only Bulgari can give.

Here, the new model hugs the wrist with an elegant circle in gold, set with diamonds which are embellished in various ways. Four different versions for this collection are available, opening new ways for feminine timepieces while breaking away from the conformist styles. This little wonder boasts of a heritage-driven aesthetics and a timeless beauty which can be worn whenever, wherever desired.