The frequent flyer's watch reconciling opposites through the extreme user friendliness and smooth readings of a multiple display

Highly complex functions versus super-easy usage and read-off: Bulgari reconciles apparent opposites in its new Hora Domvs watch, a multi-timezone timepiece that provides an exceptional city display in two spacious apertures. A single pusher serves to synchronise the multiple functions that make Hora Domvs a benchmark “worldtime” model.

This creation represents an authentic travel instrument that meets the needs of contemporary nomads. Humankind must return to the centre of a world that has become a global village, driven by technologies with the ability to shrink space and time. Hora Domvs – from the Latin “Home Time” – meets this demand. This classic yet innovative watch is equipped with a Manufacture-made movement endowed with an original multi-timezone complication that is astonishingly user-friendly. Hora Domvs lends a more familiar touch to being elsewhere and almost magically brings far-flung places within reach.

Ticking to 'frequent flyers' time

Enabling easy read-off thanks to its pure, uncluttered dial, Hora Domvs provides a precise response to the real needs of frequent flyers, including the ever-growing population of professional travellers. Having selected the destination city of a given journey via the 4 o’clock pushbutton on the caseband, globetrotters can view its name through the aperture pointed to by a dedicated arrow. The corresponding time is indicated by a solid hand, while home time remains permanently visible via the small cut-out hours hand.

Bulgari has chosen to go even further by providing a sophisticated display taking account of information such as the season (summer/winter time), as well as day/night or morning/afternoon differences. Despite this comprehensive range of indications, the functions remain extremely simple to use in that they are all coordinated via the pusher. Activating the latter synchronises all the information relating to both home and travel times. When the wearer is not travelling, the two dedicated hours hands remain mysteriously superimposed.