Breitling has supported the internationally acclaimed Breitling jet team since 2003. The partnership with the aerobatic specialists is a potent expression of Breitling’s century- old association with flight, and the swiss watch brand remains enthusiastic about its highest-flying ambassadors.

Breitling – Aviation Pioneer

When Léon Breitling built his first chronographs at the end of the 19th century, aviation was very much in its infancy, and significantly, the watchmaker’s own evolution and its veritable explosion of innovations mirrored that of the age’s intrepid visionaries and their dreams of flying. Within a couple of generations, aviation had come of age and Breitling, which had firmly established itself as a maker of sturdy preci­ sion timepieces, became the chronograph of choice for pilots around the world.

In the 1930s, Breitling introduced onboard chrono­ graphs intended for aircraft cockpits, and their popularity among aviators made them an obvious choice for military pilots. In 1952, Breitling launched its Navitimer wrist chronograph, which has been a favorite among aviation enthusiasts ever since.

Today, Breitling retains a special place in the hearts of pilots. The brand’s long­established ties to aviation are best – and most spectacularly – represented by its partnership with the Breitling Jet Team, whose breathtaking aerobatics have dazzled and delighted hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

Breitling and the Jet Team: “Striking Synergies”

There is no doubt in the mind of Georges Kern, Breitling’s CEO since August of 2017, about the signifi­ cance of the Jet Team to his brand. He says that the unique aerobatics team perfectly reflects the watch­ maker’s legacy and its values. “We and the Breitling Jet Team are characterized by some striking synergies, notably technological achievement and mastery, aes­ thetic sophistication and human excellence. They are arguably the face of Breitling’s aviation heritage.”

The Dijon, France­based Breitling Jet Team has taken its aerial performances to distant international skies in recent years, attracting and amazing new fans through­ out Asia and North America. At airshows and in public demonstrations, the pilots of seven L­39C Albatros jet aircraft fly in close formation – often less than three meters apart – at speeds of 700 km/h (435 mph).

The Breitling Story – beyond Aviation

While Breitling is justifiably proud of its long, colorful history with aviation, the brand also has a loyal, en­ thusiastic following for its popular dive and nautical timepieces, as well as for the design, precision, and performance of its watches. As Georges Kern says, “Breitling has proven itself as a partner in aviation for nearly a hundred years. But we’re looking forward to showing the world that the sky is definitely not the limit!”


Since 1884, Breitling has established a global reputa­ tion for high­precision timepieces, its pioneering role in the development of the wrist chronograph, and its uncompromising commitment to design excellence. With the brand’s storied association with aviation, Breitling has shared the finest moments in human­ kind’s conquest of the skies. Renowned for its spirit of innovation, it has also earned a place of privilege in the worlds of science, sport, and technology. Breitling manufactures its own movements in­house and the quality of every watch is confirmed by its status as a COSC­certified chronometer, made in Switzerland.

The Breitling Jet Team

Each time the Breitling Jet Team takes to the skies, it executes a flawlessly choreographed aerial ballet with the precision of a Breitling chronometer. Seven powerful L­39C Albatros military jets are flown at speeds of nearly 700 km/h within three meters of each other by pilots of matchless skill, most of them from the French Air Force or from the Patrouille de France. Supported by Breitling since 2003, the Team has developed an international following and in recent years, thrilled hundreds of thousands of new fans on its tours of Asia and North America. The

Breitling Jet Team is a vital expression of a great brand’s remarkable aviation heritage.