It all started with a vision. Bovet Virtuoso VII was born as a combination of talent and innovation–the craft of an artisan, the intellect of a technological genius. This dynamic interaction was sparked when Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822, has decided to merge design and components into one supreme timepiece. From here, a synergy of development and decorating exploded, and out came a beautiful culmination of unmatched expertise that once dwelled in the Maison’s workshops for two hundred years.

The Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar is equipped with a special caliber inspired from the Bovet Virtuoso II. Presently taking the crown as the newest timepiece in the Complications series, the Virtuoso VII has adapted the functionalities of the AMADEO case and is potent to legibly display hours, minutes, seconds and various complications on its two different faces.

A perpetual calendar–something which is highly sought-after by many collectors and connoisseurs, is housed inside the Virtuoso VII mechanism. It provides a useful information in keeping time: day, date, month, even the leap year cycle. The mechanism works with an accuracy that demands no adjustments for four centuries at most. But specialists, other than gaining the leeway in drafting a powerful watch, also adheres to the visual balance of the mechanism. There are 489 parts inside, each moving with calculated accuracy that paramount chronometry was endowed in this movement.

The left side of the dial is left free in order to accommodate the day and month indicators, diametrically opposed to produce larger inscriptions for better legibility. The names of the days and months, for a better detail, were printed in either white or black, depending on the hue of the dial. On the other hand, Pascal Raffy takes a play on the dial and placed the hours and minutes at the very core. The retrograde calendar was positioned externally, while still adhering to the overall design. And finally, the leap year disc, found at the 12 o’clock gap, offers a complete calendar information.

On the second face is an entirely different universe; the hours and minutes dial is highlighted with a circular motif that is centered on the second’s chassis, which is a patented mechanism developed by the Maison. The seconds are displayed on the same axis on both sides of the movement while inversing their direction of rotation. This irregular construction enables the complex yet brilliant mechanism, paying tribute to the master artisans who have attentively furnished each decoration in detail.

The Virtuoso VII is available in red or white gold models, boasting of either a black or white lacquered dial.