It was made from pocket to wrist, since the 1930s, up to the current year. The Bovet 19Thirty was helmed from its namesake year: the 1930s, where Europe and America were both radiant in their golden age. It was the time for post-war reconstruction, and as the atmosphere changed, so did watchmaking. From pockets, watches were placed on the wrist for a more functional approach. Perhaps the most famous item worn by men back in that date is the Easel, which was a nostalgic pocket chronometer watch slipped onto a strap.

The present-day 19Thirty radiates with the same vintage appearance, inheriting the harmony and various stylish factors of the Easel. First debuting in spring of 2015, the collection has debuted with success, launching its first face: a steel version, without a doubt taking a page from the original timepiece by crediting its movement. Bovet has made this series of grandiose leaps, as the design is executed with exceptional quality, following the standards of the grand complications watch enthusiasts have loved. Various designs are derived from the model, in which fans can choose from three different dial colors and three types of numerals.

It was this impact that nudged Bovet to press on forward and release another version of the beloved watch. Bovet releases 19Thirty in another spectacle, this time, clad in a red gold case. Three different dial colors are available to choose from: brown, black and blue, and three types of numerals to complement it with. The dial comes with a noble sunburst guilloche, with two sized engine-turned discs that radiates with a translucent enamel. Two Foundation styled hands sweep the dark colored dial, adding a sense of contrast to the face of the watch. This design, in turn, creates a nice imagery for the distinct polish of the dial, and the shining red gold bezel. There is an option for a diamond encrusted bezel for an added glamour, or even a bow, if preferred. These choices make the new Bovet 19Thirty a truly customized watch that matches its collector’s taste.

Overall, the 19Thirty red gold is an imposing watch with 42mm dial and 9mm thickness. Inside is a manual winding 15BM04 caliber. The watch bears a seven-day power reserve that is supplied by a single barrel. An update to the design is its engine-turned dial feature, elevating its more luxurious appeal. The watch can be worn handsomely on the wrist, thanks to the brown alligator leather strap that comes with it.