Blancpain unveils its Villeret Quantième Annuel GMT, for the first time, enclosed in a stainless steel case, a surprising take on their beloved model. The cleaner, conntemporary tone offers a striking look that no other GMT watch can provide. At the absence of the central hand as well as the accompanying scale that once adorned the design, it may be easy to convey the smaller apperture as a dial for the sub-second. However, that is not the case.

The new Villeret Quantième Annuel GMT is decidedly mature, a great play in contrasts in which the colours evoke something beautifully basic, yet not humdrum. On it, one will find the gorgeous black dial in which stainless steel elements shine profoundly. The hands and the hour markers match well with the case. On the dial has been a delicate construction of annual calendar readings, wherein the day, date and month are placed on perfect symphony so one can easily read time and date in a glance. The Greenwich Mean Time is a term that refers t timepieces with unique dials that stars a second time zone display. Here, you can see that feature on the lower gap by the 8 o'clock position.

Overall, functionality is made prominent, instead of the complicated mechanism. The adjustment was placed under the lugs, leaving a very clean, smooth case. In fact, the entire case is outfitted with Blancpain's patented design so that the adjustment can be operated by hand without the need for a correcting stylus. With great respects to perfection, the Villeret Quantième Annuel GMT can be corrected at different settings. The 1 at the 1 o'clock enables manual adjustment of the day, the 5 adjusts the month. Item are swiftly corrected along with the general time setting through the crown.

It must be known that an adjustment is required per year, between February and March, and the watch automatically moves on to portray the rest of the year. It actually begins from the 30th or the 31st to get back to the first day of the following month. Inside, the 6054F movement hosts the entire movement with a sweeping, powering the 40mm case with a classic exhibition via the sapphire case back. The yellow gold donned rotor is stunning in the eye, creating a beautiful masterpiece with the ticking of the gears.

The Villeret Quantième Annuel GMT can be deliciously worn with an alligator leather strap in black, lined with Alzavel calfskin. In order to ensure better grip at the closure, a triple blade folding clasp was installed at the ends.