At Bell & Ross, aviation is a favorite passion. The brand has taken as its guiding force the reinterpretation of on-board instruments, and this is evident in its iconic BR01 watch—where they took the inspiration from the clock found in an aircraft cockpit. The latest collection of Marine instruments, however, temporarily pushed the brand into another realm, where they left runways and radars as they submerge into the depths of the seas.

Hungry for a new lands and universes to explore, Bell & Ross has been led to a world of blue. Now, it pays tribute to the seas with a collection of three watches, taking a page from the first marine instruments which first appeared in the 17th century. These said instruments have been used to guide vessels as they cross oceans and borders. Such timepieces were designed particularly for shipboard use, and have been a key to many naval victories. Bell & Ross offers a modern interpretation of these watches, linking past and present, tradition and contemporary, with a new series.

The Instrument de Marine embodies the legendary 18th century clock invented by John Harisson. The massive size was scaled down to something which can be perfectly worn on the wrist. At the time, most of the ship's clocks were framed inside square wooden cases. The display, however, was round, just as how the majority of modern timepieces are. These two shapes: a circle within a square, pushed the boundaries for Bell & Ross as retro and contemporary are welded together.

Four distinct materials play a very important role to this collection. First, the Indian Rosewood, which brings us back to the construction of hulls and masts of old vessels. It is also the same material used to frame the ships' instruments at the time. A rare form of timber, Indian Rosewood is of a warm, pinkish red color, with little grain and a lot of elegance in texture. It offers a high compressive endurance, and working with it required a meticulous approach. Bell & Rose shaved the wood into thin sheets, which are then pressed, machined and varnished.

Bronze is another material prominent in this series. The cases of BR01 Marine and BX1 Skeleton Chronograph are both adorned with this precious metal. Upon contact with air and moisture, bronze produces a brown or grayish moss patina. The oxidation process, and the uniqueness of its results, make these watches one of a kind.

Rose gold is the next material infused in the collection. Rare, noble and warm, this color is beautifully paired with Indian Rosewood.

Lastly, the strong and efficient Grade 5 Titanium. It was chosen for its resiliency, lightweights and ultra-modern finish, making this collection beautifully contemporary as much as it is historic.