It's about time to take a journey to the stars; the newest feminine-inspired timepiece from Bell & Ross was drawn out from the imagery of the vast celestial sphere. An ocean lined up with stars and clusters, shining in the unknown dark, the BR S Diamond Eagle highlights a midnight blue dial that is embellished with diamonds—looking like a piece of the evening sky worn on the wrist. Anyone can now traverse into the universe, punctuated by nothing but the elegant motion of the small hands.

Perhaps the first type of navigation used by aviators was the sky. Airplane pilots travel based on their visual maps, based on the mere observation of the position of the sun. However, when the night falls, the stars take their turn in guiding these flyers, and the Diamond Eagle pays a curtsy to this fact, giving tribute to the dark, night skies that have aided the adventurist. This line, made with deep nostalgia and careful immersion of technology, was aimed at sophisticated women whose desire is to wear nothing but the best. Crafted in an iconic round dial with a mild square motif, a wonderful array of details was carved to beckon the magic of the sky: the deep blue dial, the shining metal indices, and the seven diamonds that shine like little stars. Together, these features form a miniscule Milky Way you can always view on your hands.

The seven stones symbolize the seven stars that make up the Aquila constellation, coined after Jupiter's eagle. These cluster of stars can be seen from earth in the right hemisphere. Different sized diamonds are made to render these illuminations, mildly suggesting the beautiful strength of an eagle that pushes one into symbolic heights.

Comprised of a beautifully studded dial, the Diamond Eagle is a tastefully crafted piece. The refined dial features an elegant glowing sunray, strongly displayed through tiny outward lines atop the blue tinted varnish. The design and colors give the watch a surprising depth. Two slim hands tell the time of this tiny sky portal.

Two versions of this watch is available in the market. One is composed of an outstanding bezel made out of 66 white diamonds, making it as beautiful as any jewelry one has laid their eyes on. Bell & Ross describes this watch as cosmic yet cosmopolitan, and by wearing it, one can always have a starry night with a boundless sense of adventure in every moment.