Baume & Mercier – The project BAUME joins the Maison

The BAUME brand joins BAUME & MERCIER

A watchmaking project that began in 2018, BAUME has the ambition to bring a breath of fresh air to traditional watchmaking based on minimalist design, respect for the environment, and the full personalisation of watches. BAUME is now entering the second phase of its development by joining BAUME & MERCIER.

Since it was created, BAUME has been driven by its commitment to design and social responsibility, namely through partnerships with Waste Free Oceans, Digital For The Planet, WREN and other worthwhile causes. BAUME offers its clients a new watch experience, featuring the full personalisation of watches, a principally online distribution, and the use of innovative materials that enter into the circular economy.

After two years of development, BAUME is joining BAUME & MERCIER. This alliance will enable the BAUME project to develop more quickly, supported by the power of BAUME & MERCIER, and in turn it will offer BAUME & MERCIER the benefit of the expertise of the young brand on the key subjects of innovation and eco-responsibility which will sustain its own future developments.

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