Sacha Prost, the son of famous Formula One driver Alain Prost, has the essence and authenticity of racing running in its blood. After finishing his studies he had an idea of creating a clothing brand for racing enthusiasts. With his strong will he jumped into this venture with his sister-in-law Delphine Prost.

Even though Sacha didn’t follow the footsteps of his dad, he most certainly has the winning mentality.

“Racing isn’t only about mechanics and physics; it’s a state of mind and constant and delicate balance of danger, passion and glamour both on and off the racetrack.”

As a family and team, our priority is to save and perpetuate the racing lifestyle of the golden era of motor racing through the concept of a menswear fashion line.

“So I’ve always had this passion, to want to start something on my own, to work for myself, also this passion for motor sports. And at the moment when I wanted to start, because in our family, the rule was that you must finish your studies before being allowed to drive. And when the question came up, we had the idea to make the brand, and I weighed the pros and the cons, telling myself that I can go ahead and start the brand, and then be able to have fun driving by my own means later on.”

“The principal value that I try to promote every day around myself is to always have a positive aspect. For me, a situation is never permanent, whether its good or bad, and I think that with a positive and winning mindset, you will always be able to turn things around to create something good and new.”