The spirit of the holidays around the world

Seasonal parties provide a delightful pause: The Christmas tree in New York’s Rockefeller Center rises majestically between Manhattan’s skyscrapers accompanied by the sound of Jingle Bells and the delicious scent of roasted chestnuts. Lights illuminate London’s streets, creating a warm and magical atmosphere. In Paris, passers-by admire the enchanting shop windows of the department stores, their colors reflected in the awe-filled eyes of the children. The end of the year brings celebrations in Shanghai and Tokyo, too.

Around the world, the seasonal festivities have arrived and with them come the promise of family gatherings and parties with friends. Moments of tenderness, sharing and surprise punctuated by a child’s shouts of joy before the tree, the delighted laughter between close friends or the loving look shared by a couple.
Baume & Mercier has always been a privileged partner of these unique moments of happiness. Discreetly settled beneath the tree in its elegant case, a Baume & Mercier timepiece marks the beginning of a story made of unforgettable memories, a gentle witness to life’s joys, delights and important moments. A Baume & Mercier watch corresponds to each beloved individual and to each exceptional moment. The Classima collections were designed to respond to the expectations of today’s men and women while still respecting the brand’s valued codes of traditional watchmaking.