Tourbillon Skeleton is a new timepiece specially designed to highlight its technical prowess.

An elite circle of watch Manufactures are capable of producing a tourbillon. With Tourbillon Skeleton, the skeletonizing of the tourbillon compounded the technical challenge for Armin Strom. Ultimately the skeletonizing enhances the movement's mechanical artistry, with PVD colorization of the main plate emphasizing the caliber's layered construction. Along with the constant rotation of the tourbillon, owners will observe the animation of the double going barrel while the watch is wound.

These Tourbillon timepieces extend the legacy of the brand's founder, Armin Strom, who is renown as a master skeletonizer.

True to a now established principle, the Tourbillon Skeleton collection embraces the theme of the four elements. A first version in natural steel with blue accents was named Water. A second, in pink gold and brown tones, answered to the name of Fire. Another in lighter titanium took the name of Air. The version in black PVD-treated steel is known as Earth. At the same time, the Biel-based manufacturer demonstrates the skeletonwork in which it excels. Thus the Tourbillon Skeleton Earth accentuates its structure through extensive skeletonisation of the ATC11-S calibre. This exclusive in-house movement integrates a tourbillon regulator whose components are also skeletonised. The prowess lies in this mastery of technique, with a movement that delivers a full 10 days of power reserve, but also in the spectacular sight enclosed within the 43.40-mm black case.