In this valuable piece of engineering, two oscillating bodies are placed in close proximity in order to affect each other in such a way that they will harmoniously synchronize. This phenomenon, well known in physics as Resonance, becomes the star feature of Armin Strom's latest work. The Mirrored Force Resonance comes with a resonating dual regulator that has been invented for optimum precision with its visually captivating mechanism, as showcased on the display dial.

Resonance is a concept that is both alluring and demanding, when it comes to horological feats. This has been rarely mastered, or even attempted, due to the complexity of its mechanism. When it comes to creating timepieces, it is important that resonance performs with stability and accuracy. This, Armin Strom managed to achieve through using two independent mainsprings, interconnected with gears, balances and escapement; all of them are seamlessly attached to a rack and a pinion that allows the fine tuning of the distance in between.

Here, precise adjustment of the distance is a must; this is to incite proper resonance which observes two balances discovering concurrent rhythm in exact opposite directions. In return, it averages out any errors from its remarkable accuracy.

This phenomenon of synchronized movement has always piqued the interest of watchmakers ever since the peak of Christiaan Huygens, which was from 1629 to 1695. Noted for his invention, the pendulum clock, Huygens was the first to discover the resonating properties of two separate pendulums which, in his concept, should keep slightly different time. Upon hanging on a common beam, the pendulums perform a synchronized motion. It has been later discovered that the common wooden beam, installed with two vibrating objects, can create resonance.

In the 18th Century, Abraham-Louis Breguet demonstrated the wonders of this phenomenon by producing his double resonance clock.

As a further look to resonance, it must be noted that one body in motion conveys vibration to its surroundings. However, when another body produces the same frequency to the first, it becomes a recipient to these vibrations. Meaning, it will absorb the moving energy from the first, vibrating at the same frequency. In effect, it stabilizes accurate timekeeping, conserves energy and reduces any external effects on timekeeping, making Armin Strom's Mirrored Force Resonance a horological force to watch out for.

An outside shock might slow down the balance of one resonator, but it will only speed up the other, creating a perfect balance for the timepiece to get back in proper resonance. A promising feat, the rhythmical prowess of this exceptional timepiece will surely charm fans and aficionados of perfected, precise time keeping.