It is a watch connoisseur’s dream – to be one of the first in the world to glimpse at a divine timepiece crafted with the utmost skill and precision. The feeling is enthralling, and on Friday, November 4th, we did just that. The team at WATCHESPEDIA were given the incredible opportunity to view the much anticipated Mirrored Force Resonance – the newest gift by luxury Swiss watchmaker Armin Strom – at its world premiere in Salon QP in London. And, to further the experience, Armin Strom treated us to a visit at its Bienne Manufacture three weeks after the watch’s debut. Brand director and chief horologist, Claude Greisler, who, through incredible vision and skill has led the manufacturer to reaching new heights, delighted us with craftsmanship secrets, revelries and visions for the future.



The Design and Development system was a technological banquet as we explored the brand’s CADs system and wandered through the company’s different departments. We had the exciting opportunity to see the brand new “Tornos décolletage” machine in the manufacturing atelier, which is a hidden force that allows the brand to leverage its high-precision production, in-house.



The craftsmen who engrave and decorate the movements allowed us to view their handmade finishing, including the famous Perlage and Côtes de Genève, a staple in many of the world’s most prominent luxury watches.



Our journey through this wonderland for luxury watch enthusiasts also led us to the electroplating facility, which uses advanced technology to plate precious metals, including gold, rhodium and ruthenium.



And finally, the atelier d’assemblage, where each gear, bridge and lever is meticulously crafted to come together in perfect movement and precision. Everything is then beautifully encased to be worn as an authentic luxury Swiss-made watch.



Claude Greisler, during the entire showcasing of the stunning Mirrored Force Resonance, gave us an in-depth description of the capabilities and construct of the watch. The highlight for us was the remarkable Caliber ARF15, housed inside the powerful timepiece.



The physics of Resonance, which has been a highly valued concept in Armin Strom, has been brilliantly implemented with the help of Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM) in Neuchâtel.