For every watchmaker, nothing is more challenging that making a tourbillon; it is the most laborious yet beautiful escapements to create. This is the reason why such is the heart of the first AkriviA timepiece. However, getting to that decision is not an easy task. Using a tourbillon for was just among the several options regarding Akrivia Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph.

The mono pusher is perhaps one of the oldest chronograph types known to man. Its grand history dates back to the 19th century, where gentlemen proudly record time in with a simple press of the button. This type of use is perfect even in the 21st century; an efficient timepiece that suits recording moments of everyday life. It is with such versatility that the manufacture chose to combine the use of tourbillon and monopusher chronograph. In this new model, the elegance of a contemporary watch becomes immersed with a high-end mechanism developed by professional artisans in Geneva.

But more than its mechanical ingenuity is its respect to AkriviA roots, the place where the brand's maker grew and lived. This watch embodies all that tradition has to offer, while still being a distance apart from the rest. The caliber hoisted inside the AkriviA Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph is a rare gem in the watchmaking industry.

One should know that the chronograph mechanism is constructed o the side of the dial, another irregular feature in the watch. The rest of the elements—the bridges, springs, plates, tourbillon cage and the balance along with the golden timing screws, have been redesigned to a more personal approach in watchmaking. For this reason, new parts were crafted from steel, allowing the brand to work on a higher level of finishing as well as lavishing the timepiece with extensive lifespan against wear and tear. These changes were visible, and thus optimizes the chronometric results of the monopusher chronograph while reducing the fallbacks during stopping and starting.

The watch was meant to be its own. Despite being inspired by classical traditions, AkriviA chose to create a stronger character using a neo-classical design. A lot of attention was paid to the tiny details, including the streamlined case form and the ergonomic outline. The shape of the pusher has been crafted into a new form, while the angle in which fingers touch the case has been made more convenient. The watch is covered by an anti-glare sapphire glass in front and back, providing the perfect exhibition of the movement's beautiful features.